Sunday, 1 November 2009

Newton helping

With all the felt-making this last week Newton feels that he's been somewhat neglected and has taken to sitting forlornly infront of the cupboard where his food lives, looking as sad as possible.

Just as I sat down ready to bead my little pots, he decided that this was the time to attract attention by coming to sit on my lap. It's not that easy to bead whilst leaning over a furry cat's body. He also helpfully tried to catch any escaping beads by madly waving his front paws around as they bounced across the table, although his bottom half stayed firmly put.


  1. They can be so helpful cats! It must be getting colder in our house Lucy wants to sit on my knee a lot!

  2. Oh to have a little helper :-) Enjoy. A x

  3. Yes it is lovely to have their company, even though the term 'helping' does stretch the truth a great deal!


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