Thursday, 30 June 2011

Leo's box

Sadly I have no time to blog properly but I gather from a couple of friend's blogs it has been declared International Box Day, so I felt I couldn't pass up the opportunity to quickly share Leo having a bit of a mad time discovering his tail in his latest large box.

The cats have settled well and have company all the time since my eldest has just finished GCSEs and is now dossing around the house all day. They mainly sleep and he mainly plays on his computer but at least nobody's on their own!
I am still very much in the thick of clearing at my mum's, I have been there either two or three days every week since January and we are STILL not at the end of the rubbish, it really is quite discouraging, although the garden is fine now and we can get into each room. I bring paperwork home and go through it in the evening but it is taking over life, though I do want to get on as fast as possible so that it's OVER. The next stage is sorting the things that are left into categories and trying to find the right places to sell or give them to, so we have a long, long way to go. I found some paperwork from the year 1671 last week, not sure what it is but it's so old I feel someone somewhere might be interested, I can't just put it in the recycling, and most of the things left are like that, historical in some way. What with our own house and garden and my other job it's all a bit much but we do have a holiday soon which I'm sure will be a good break. I would really like my life back now but have to be patient for a lot longer, while trying to remember to stop and look at the flowers each day!
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