Thursday, 19 November 2009

Red Felt Tea Cosy at Midnight.

As you may see from my earlier post today, I've gone a bit mad about polka dots recently - I'm even dreaming about them, what this reveals about me I'm not quite sure!
I started by doing the lavender bags, then I did a polka dot tea cosy for the Wandsworth Artists Open House and I liked it so much I did a couple more.
Late yesterday afternoon I was seized by an irrational desire to make a red one, and planned to finish it well before dinner.

Plans like this, as most of us know, rarely work out, and so it was I ended up all alone downstairs cutting out cream polka dots after everyone else had gone to bed (even the cat!). As it's really important to keep the shape of the tea cosy rounded I felted it carefully and slowly, so by the time it was finished when this picture was taken it was just after midnight, but I quite enjoyed the calm after the rushing about of the day, it seems to get stiller very late at night.

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