Wednesday, 25 November 2009

A Rainbow of New Supplies

When I first started felt-making a few years ago I dreamed of one day having a beautiful selection of colours in my cupboard to compare, contrast and generally lose myself in. With my latest sack-load:

from Wingham Wool Work I think I'm well on my way. I'm sure most of you felt-makers out their have already discovered them but if not check them out - they have a vast range of beautiful merino tops in 125 colours and many, many other lovely fibres - the list is almost endless. From what I can read they are an ethical company too who only have wool fleece from sheep that have not undergone the very unpleasant practice of mulesing, something I was completely unaware of until very recently.
So I have plenty of supplies to keep me busy with new designs for quite a while, although always after placing on order I immediately think of yet another colour that I want!


  1. great place to do business with. love their wool

  2. Thanks for the link. I have just bought some really fab merino wool rovings off Ebay and was really thrilled with what I got but it's always nice to have more to choose from. Cant wait to see what yuou do with it all. Happy felting.
    A x

  3. Christmas come early! What is mulesing?

  4. Mulesing is where skin from the animal's rump is cut away (often it seems without anaesthetic) to prevent later flystrike. Here is one link which gives some facts, - there are also some very passionate campaigns out there trying to get it banned, and some upsetting pictures on the internet - so I was pleased to see Wingham's statement that they're now free of such wool.

  5. Lovely colours and thanks for the link!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. :o) oops deleted that cos there was a silly typo!

    That looks like the bag I received from them last week - bustin out at the seams! I love wingham always great quality fibres


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