Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Felted vessels and seed heads.

I loved making and beading these felt vessels and made several for the Wandsworth Artists' Open House last month.

Feedback was that people liked them, but wanted to find a use for them rather than just having them to look at and hold!
I thought they might be a good way to display dried flowers so I gathered some seed heads from the garden and spent a little while spraying them with gold and silver paint, so that they would look more Christmassy.

(May have sprayed part of the kitchen floor a bit silver too, must scrub it tomorrow.) So I hope that if I show them like this at the craft fairs coming up it will give people at least one idea of what to do with them!


  1. Ooer they are really gorgeous. I have a need to know how you make them so am off to hunt it out on the web. A x

  2. I wet-felt mine completely flat round a circular template but I know many people felt over a ball, I've not tried this but you wrap it up in fibres and old tights and bounce it around on a table, it sounds great fun! I haven't got any photos of the process I do but one day perhaps I'll manange to post a tutorial - hope you find some info that you can work with out there on the web. If you're interested in exactly how I do mine let me know and I'll do a step by step comment, although probably after Saturday when I've recovered from the craft fair! x

  3. They are absolutely beautiful! I Love the pinky purply one at the bottom!
    I make mine the same way that you do...got a feeling it would be tricky not moving the fibres round on the ball as you manouver the tights over & Im not brave enough to risk it :o) why fix it if it aint broken though hey?
    Lovely work & a fab idea with the seed heads - they look great!

  4. Yes it said on the tutorial I looked at to have a friend help you stretch the tights over the ball and since it's just me and the cat usually in the kitchen I thought I wouldn't bother trying - would perhaps be good for much larger vessels though.

  5. I love these felted vases! they are gorgeous.

  6. I love them, lovely colour and great beading accents... I think your dried flower and seed head idea works really well too.

    Loved reading your blog,

  7. Thank you Sara, nice to meet you here in blog-land! After trialling the seed heads and having them drop silvery and gold bits all over the table I was set up at I've moved onto dried roses, which are even better!!


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