Friday, 6 November 2009

Autumn Leaf Bag

I found this wooden toggle in the wonderful haberdashery section of my local John Lewis a few weeks ago, and it inspired me to try and design a bag to incorporate it. This is what I finished up with, the leaves were cut out of some pre-felt I had lying around, with some added wisps of colour. It ended up slightly shorter and wider than I thought it would, but that's part of the appeal of feltmaking, I'm never quite sure exactly how new things will turn out, it's as if the felt wants to be a certain way sometimes!


  1. Thank you both! It didn't find a new home at the craft fair this morning but I'm already planning to make another one as I do like it, I'll have to make another trip to John Lewis, what a shame....

  2. What a beautiful bag!
    I feel the same way about felt - it is so exciting how it evolves...the worst suspense for me is waiting for bead rolls to dry before I cut em up, no way of knowing whats hidden inside there until its cut


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