Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Cold Cat in a Circle.

Newton thinks it is too cold now and spends most of his time like this, how they get so round is a mystery to me - do they KNOW they're in a perfect circle?

When he is not asleep he is observing the world out of the front window while sitting on my basket of supplies.

Or observing me taking his picture before he swipes me with his paw to tell me to stop.


  1. Aw I really love his black nose markings :-) A x

  2. Newton is a charmer I can tell! Lucy can curl up into the tightest ball and when she is hot she can become Lucy-Longcat!

  3. Yes Newton too is incredibly long when stretched out in front of the stove!
    We'd lost our ginger cat of 15 years when I sent my husband out to get a 'kitten with a black nose please' - Newton was the last one of 5 kittens and nobody else had wanted him, perhaps they thought his markings were too lop-sided, but we love him!


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