Sunday, 8 November 2009

In Praise of Fairy Lights

I really don't like losing the daylight earlier and earlier, but it's good to make the most of the different characters of each season, and when it goes dark I just put these fairy lights on in the hall. They are entwined in the twigs all year round, not just for Christmas, and just cheer the place up no end.

The quilt on the far wall was made for me by my mother in law, to go with the stained glass in the door and windows, which of course you can only see in the daylight:


  1. That quilt is just gorgeous. How clever. A x

  2. The photos are lovely & make your house look really posh (not that it isn't in real life of course!)

  3. Thank you for not publicly betraying the secret of how posh my house is not in real life! I did have to move quite a lot of stuff off the bannisters, and carefully avoided getting the floor in the photo, where the boys' school bags and trainers had been discarded! These are more photos of the illusion of how I would LIKE my house to look.....if only there was more time to de-clutter.

  4. :o) Sounds like MY house lol!
    It really does look lovely :o)


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