Saturday, 31 October 2009

A warning and a house full of felt


Do not get up late and leave the house without breakfast, or on your return at quarter past eleven, this could happen to you:

I know the adverts say nutella has 'some protein' in, at least that's what I think they try to tell you. But let's be honest, it is almost entirely chocolate, this is the most unhealthy I've been in ages, but I was so busy and so tired and it was so quick to make. And if you're going to have something this bad for your first meal of the day, you might as well spread the nutella thicker than your toast is, as my husband pointed out.
He also pointed out that his house is very full of felt, mostly draped on the radiators:

This is because I'm busily making for a craft fair next Saturday, I'm trying to make lots of little things that people might like to buy as gifts so have done some more very small pots that you can see drying around green glass tealight holders, although I'm ready for a bit of a break from felt for the evening and have moved on to making treacle tart - obviously a highly healthy day.

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