Friday, 30 October 2009

A Visit to Sheffield

Just thought I'd share our trip to Sheffield last week - we'd never been before, but wanted to go and see what the galleries were like and spent a couple of days there over half term. The weather was grey and rainy but we found the lovely Winter Gardens to eat our lunch in, then spent a long afternoon in the Millennium Gallery looking around at the various exhibitions. I found the Ruskin Gallery really interesting, I must confess to knowing nothing much about him, but I was very struck by his desire to assemble a collection to show the beauty of nature and the skill of creating and crafting a work of art, from the colours in minerals and feathers to architectural features.
In the nearby Peace Gardens we found this stunning fountain
and a beautiful pattern at the bottom of a water channel that I had to take a picture of:(Always running through my mind is the question "Can I make this in felt?"! Sadly the answer in this case is probably not, although it's always worth a try.)
The next morning we had breakfast and fantastic coffee in Caffe Piazza in York Street and I was sitting right next to the window with this view of St Peter's Cathedral Church,the cloudy light seemed to really bring out the shape of the beautiful mouldings and shape of the stonework, lampshade and windows. Well worth a visit, and we'd all like to go again one day.


  1. Happy memories - I was at College there -1970/1973 and my daughter was at Sheffield Uni 1998/2002. Its a great city!

  2. I heard it's changed a lot from how it used to be - my mum was there in the 60s! Yes it is a great city, we really liked it and there's so much to see and do.

  3. I was born in Sheffield just after the war .... but have been Canada since I was tiny...


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