Monday, 19 October 2009

Knitted Daleks

This time last year I was an embarrassment to my family as I travelled around with the most complicated piece of knitting I have ever done, taking it one memorable night to the local coffee shop to try and complete just a few more rows. As I wasn't blogging at the time I thought I would share it now, just in case anyone out there would like to make one, because believe me, if you would like to be able to give one to somebody for Christmas, you'll need to start very soon!

We are all Dr Who fans in our house, but son number two was still young enough to be very keen on having his own unique dalek, so together we searched for and found a dalek knitting pattern, the fantastic EXTERMIKNIT! I was duly commissioned to knit a 'supreme' dalek in red and managed to find some proper sparkly gold metallic wool on e-bay, which turned out to be approximately 4-ply weight, so I bought some red 4-ply to go with it and began, knitting in a round on 4 separate pins.
I followed the pattern, just adding some swiss darning after I'd finished in vertical lines on what they've called the 'neck' section, as that seemed closer to how a real dalek looked. Of course, we are so far away from what a real dalek looks like that perhaps it's not worth worrying about too much.
I think a whole dalek took me four weeks, but we were so pleased with the result that it was all worth it - I have never seen anything so wonderfully ridiculous.
So of course I made another......For the black one I slightly changed the 'shoulder' section, keeping an even number of stitches and doing K2P2 rather than K1P1 to make the vertical lines slightly wider. No less ridiculous though!


  1. Wow. Those are just gorgeous. I must check out the knitting pattern site cos I love a challenge :-) A x

  2. These are FANTASTIC! Love em!!!

  3. Do you sell those daleks?

    1. No sorry, no selling of daleks, they took me about a month each to do! Don't know if anyone else has made any to sell, you could try looking on Etsy or Folksy.


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