Saturday, 24 October 2009

Japanese Anemone Felt Wallhanging

I've been looking at these stems out of my kitchen window each autumn for a couple of years now, and finally got round to making this felt piece, I love the clear structure of each head silhouetted against the sky, although chose natural stems on a deep olive background for this first design, I immediately wanted to do more in a whole range of colours but as usual in my life other things like feeding the family and doing the washing had to take priority.


  1. Hello!
    Thankyou for visiting my blog and now I've found you I will pop back often!
    Love the seed heads, I have been looking at seed heads this summer and autumn too.

  2. Hello to you too! I'm new to the world of blogging as you can see and am really enjoying discovering other crafty people out there! You sound to be very like me in quite a few ways - I too live in a 1930s house with a long thin garden and dabble in vegetable-growing (with similar varied results), I love my cat to bits and can identify with anybody's dislike of cleaning the bathroom! I look forward to reading about what you've been up to in the future!
    Louisa xx

  3. That is really lovely. Is it hand felted or machined? I am really enjoying creating with my embellisher. It has opened up a whole new world of possibilities :-) A x

  4. It's wet-felted by hand, I didn't know if I'd need to needle-felt the stems as they're quite fine, but wanted to try this way, and I'm happy enough with the result to do some more when I get time!


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