Friday, 9 October 2009

Very Small Felted Pots

I'd been wanting to make some really tiny pots, suitable for just keeping a few rings or paperclips in. I started out by coating the outside of a small plastic bowl in soap jelly, then added a few silk fibres over the top and then wool tops in two different colours.It's a bit fiddly holding the layers in place when the middle layer is supposed to be wrapping sideways around the bowl.
After felting for a while with the bowl still in place, when I was sure the layers were bonded I slipped the bowl out carefully and turned the felt over, replacing it inside-out for more felting. I then wrapped it in net and rolled it in a mat, first rolling from the base and then from the sides, alternating until it was fulled.
I tried two different styles, one plain and the other with 'petals' which I separated out early on as soon as the fibres had begun to hold together. These needed much more attention during the whole process to keep them from just felting onto the rest of the structure, but I think I prefer the more interesting form that resulted.
I ended up sewing on some beads to add a bit more colour to just finish them off.


  1. These are really pretty! What a great way to make little flower trinkets

  2. Yes I'm going to try some more one day - although these ended up a bit softer than I thought, might try an extra layer on the base next time, although they do hold their shape fine!


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