Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Blue Sky and an Archie update

It was a lovely sunny and, dare I say it, even warm morning this morning, so OH and I managed to get out by ourselves for an extremely muddy walk - but what a beautiful blue sky, I can't remember last time I noticed or saw one! It was so good to be outside and not be freezing cold!

We treated ourselves to a mocha and cake when we'd finished:

and sat outside in the courtyard of the cafe - to go with the blue sky was some vibrant green moss and the bright colours made me feel a bit more hopeful that spring is on its way.

Thanks all of you for your good wishes about Archie - it was his trip to the vet today - she thinks the lump he has is probably a reaction to the innoculations he had three weeks ago, which has set my mind at rest a bit, we've just got to keep an eye on him and see if it goes away in the next month, which it should.

Here he is hating the sound of the hoover:

He wants to play with our noses (and OH's beard too) as soon as he wakes up now, and gets so very excited to see us that he doesn't always remember to keep his claws in as he did before, so I think his days sleeping peacefully and purrily between us may be numbered - OH is running out of patience and needs his lie-ins during his week off!


  1. What a wonderful day there!!Here's raining :/
    Hopefully we will have sunny days next week!
    :) My little cats fear hoover, and they run away as soon as they see it nearby...Poor them!
    Lovely Archie,

    lovely post..yummylicious cake, love it!!

  2. What a glorious day you had! I so wish I had been there. Blue sky, even green grass. (What's that? I barely remember.)

    Good news re. Archie, I didn't realize he had just had his shots. Yes, they can have a reaction. I don't know what vets there do, but you might want to do some research on feline vaccinations and site-related sarcomas, etc. Not because I think there's anything wrong with Archie--just that here in Canada we still over-vaccinate, IMO, though the protocol is slowly changing. Trouble is, it's easy money for the vets, so hard to change the old, outdated standards. I do believe in kittens having all necessary shots, but for INDOOR adults--well, that's another matter and not one for a blog comment. LOL.

  3. Thanks K, I had wondered about it being a shot reaction but it was in a very odd place - luckily we saw the same vet and she said she had put the needle in at the side more than at the top of his shoulder blades, so that would add up. Sarcoma sounds worrying - I'll check it out, though I think with Archie he has to be protected as he'll certainly be trotting about outside in the garden when he's a bit older - hopefully this swelling will all go down soon and he'll forget about the horrid experience he's just had (he bit the nurse, but did give her a cuddle afterwards!) xx

  4. Gorgeous blue sky. I think we are all really needing spring to come soon. So glad Archie is hopefully ok. I love the idea of the little monkey biting the vet's nurse. We used to have a gorgeous fluffy black and white cat who everyone made a fuss of when she sat on the wall by our gate but when she went to the vets she turned into a tiger [and our vet's nurse still has the scars to prove it!].
    A x

  5. What a beautiful cat he is! And that's praise indeed from one who only has loan of a couple of gerbils!!

  6. Can you spare a slice of that cake? Hee Hee!

    Pee Ess: That's very good news about Archie! Our purrs and purrayers worked:)

  7. Hi,I wont to said that I have an award for you,go and visit my blog!
    Have a lovely day,


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