Friday, 5 February 2010

Another felt flower

Well the last week seems to have flown past, how can a small kitten take up so much time? (Boys off school ill too, although at least they could kitten-sit while I went to work for a while).

I had this Sarah Raven catalogue lying on the table and really liked the colour of the lily on the front - so used it as my starting point for my latest flower (mine isn't a lily because it only has five petals). Much finer stamens this time which I prefer - still a bit experimental but nearly there with a process - I like the way it will all felt together without having to sew it, though it does take a long time, especially with Archie trying to help by playing with the blind as I rolled!


  1. I am planning to do some felting over my half term break! Love the flower, hope to do a poppy picture in felt.

  2. What a wonderful flower you made!

    Yes, a kitten takes up sooo much time, and you don't even notice that ...! :) They're like children ..Lately I am really busy with sparrows and other small birds who come to my garden to eat- I used to do that even before, but never saw so many like these days- I guess they just realised that they have a granted food here :)

    A lovely post,


  3. I can barely sew a button on and am not creative, craft-wise, so this astounds me. And you don't sew them? Glue gun? Sorry for being so obtuse!

  4. Kea - it's the magic of the felting process that attaches the layers together!! Felt starts as individual wool fibres and then you lay them out in fine layers - water and friction plus a bit of soap all helps the fibres to tangle together and shrink lots- so with practise you can get layers to attach to each other and bond. I half-felted the two layers first and then finished the process after I'd cut the shapes and positioned them one ontop of the other so the fibres all bonded together in the centre of the flower.

  5. Wow! Truly. I can't even imagine the patience this must take. :-O

    Fabulous! I've never seen anything like it, to be honest. Very cool!

  6. So gorgeous. i made an echinacea cone flower to attach to a scarfette before Christmas, and it took a while to make it. I love the versatility of felt.

  7. That is really gorgeous. Love the colours you've used.
    A x

  8. As usual Wipso took the words right out of my mouth!! Scrummy colour. I have been free machining today - more practice needed!!!


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