Sunday, 14 February 2010

A bit of Sunshine

Lyn at everyday life has brightened my day by sending me this sunshine award, just looking at the colours makes me smile as I said to her, especially at such a grey time of year, and I'm still feeling a bit low in all the greyness as I'm sure some of you are too.

Now I'm aware that blog awards, instead of bringing nothing but happiness, can cause some negative feelings in some people, I know a couple of you out there have experienced this recently. I will always be pleased to receive one and genuinely thankful, but also usually prefer not to pass them on to others specifically (I'm making a slight exception this time).

Please can I tell all of you who I've got to know through your comments and blogs that I very much value your friendship, and you really do all make me smile, I'm not just saying that - my sons see me smiling at my computer as I'm reading your posts and comments on my posts, and just say in an exasperated way 'Are you blogging again Mum??!'

So I would like to offer this bit of sunshine to any of you who would like it - please accept it to pass on as you wish. I would particularly like to offer it to my good friend Tammy at Confessions of an Artist because as you will see if you pop over to her last post, she's not having a very creatively-successful time despite much effort, and particularly needs a bit of brightness in her life, although not of the salmon-pink variety (you'll see what I mean on this post!)

But please all of you do feel included - it's a lovely cheerful picture to have on your blog!


  1. It *is* a lovely award! Glorious colour for February, especially when I am desperate for green and other vibrant spring colours, but will have to wait two or so months yet.

    And like you, I enjoy getting awards, but tend not to want to single anyone out to pass them on to. So I will have to check out Tammy's blog, since she's made such a wonderful impression on you. :-)

    Sending everyone a bit of much-needed cheer and (((hugs))) too, if you need/want them.


  2. Kim - thank you for hugs and cheer - both much needed and wanted!
    Tammy is a close friend of mine, she lives nearby and we meet up regularly for chats and encouragement, (our boys are also good friends and are together on a sleepover right now!)So I knew from the conversations we had over coffee last week about things going wrong that she was perhaps in need of a little extra bit of sunshine, although I do hope all my friends will accept some!

  3. Ooh my very own bit of sunshine to have and to hold - thankyou so very much! As Maggie's pointed out, it's a new moon and chinese new year, so here's to fresh beginnings.

  4. Such a lovely positive way to accept a blog award and to offer that simple pleasure to others - hope it brings that bit of Sunshine that Tammy needs!

  5. Ah bless you. Me finks we could all do with a bit of sunshine eh !
    As Tammy and Lu know...I'm new to this 'blogging thingie', but through felted house blog, I'd just like to pass the following info on re anyone who maybe feeling the effects of s.a.d. Quite a few of my clients in the past (I'm no longer practicing holistic therapy) were helped by a natural plant based product called 5htp. I'll leave it up to the individual to do their own research.
    Only four more weeks to go and the clocks go forward...hoorar xx


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