Saturday, 6 February 2010

Archie's Diary no. 2

Well it's time for me to say hello again.

This week I have been mainly helping.
Here I am helping to tie shoelaces:

And here I am ready to help with baking:

It's also been a busy week of skipping about sideways and trying to climb up people's legs.
I'm growing bigger and can get onto the table now to help my mum with making felt. She didn't seem very pleased about this especially when I sat on it all.

My mum thought I might like to sleep in her room. I did. I slept curled right up tight under her chin all night, I only didn't sleep for a bit around four in the morning when I thought it might be time for purring and playing with my mum's hair. It's funny because I had such a lovely time but the next night she said I needed to sleep in my own bed in the kitchen again.

I have been busy improving the home decor. I do not understand the human obsession with displaying plants vertically, surely this horizontal arrangement looks much better don't you think?

Here I am hiding in my favourite place in the cupboard in the tiny gap at the back of the cable-box (note the dust) - it's lovely and warm and nobody can get me out till I'm ready.

It's all ever so tiring being a kitten. Me and my mouse are worn out now.


  1. Archie, what great adventures you are having! Of course you are being a great help to your mum, she's just teasing you when she says you're not. It's a thing humans do, pretend that we get in the way or upset things or make messes, but it's all part of the fun game they like to play with us. Besides, they don't seem to do very much and they need to keep busy by cleaning up after us. It makes them feel useful.

    BTW, we think it's very mean of your mum to make you sleep in your own bed in the kitchen. Doesn't she know that she belongs to you and that HER bed *is* your bed?

    Purrs and kitty kisses, you are such a sweetie pie!

  2. Oh Archie you are such a poppet. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us. I think secretly your mum is loving every minute with you even at 4 in the morning :-) A x

  3. What a darling you are Archie! and so helpful too!

  4. I don't call that dust - there's not enough to write anything in! See you've got the woodburner going mmmm

  5. Newton was sooo cute, i am so sorry you lost him at such a young age. Breaks my heart, but i see you have opened your heart and home to a new trouble maker! at least he wants to snuggle! is it just the one, or does he have a companion? Sometimes that can help with the trouble-making!
    just found your blog today, can't wait to read more posts!


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