Saturday, 13 February 2010

Archie's Diary no.3

It's been another busy week of discoveries and growing.

I found this big noisy white box in the messiest room in the house - it has a round window in it and sometimes the picture inside swirls around:

I thought I should investigate more but it wasn't very easy to get inside:

I helped my mum with some felt - I walked on it and had to keep shaking my paws a lot as it was all wet, you'd have thought this would have made me get off, but it didn't:

She had to move me in the end so I sat on her shoulder for a while but she said it was still too difficult to get anything done while I was there especially when I tried to climb onto the top of her head, so I went to sleep on my nice warm towel bed she made for me on the radiator next to the table where she works:

The next day I helped with some drawing, I like to bat the pen around till it falls on the floor and then chase it:

I still love cuddles:

My dad says I look very silly upside-down.

I can climb higher - I like scrambling about on the basket full of felt bits - you can just see the tiny, tiny patch of white fur I have at the top of my chest, and look at all my beautiful sharp claws which are so useful for climbing up people's legs with:

I found some lovely string next to the front window:

I tried to carry it to a better place but it was stuck to the material at the window. I do like to carry things around - I bought my mum's nail-file all the way down the stairs to play with in the kitchen yesterday.

My mum is worried about me because I have a small lump on my side - I have to be checked out at the vets this week, my mum is finding it hard because she's just lost an ill cat and wants me to be perfectly well, and I am still so little. I feel fine and the lump doesn't hurt me, so we hope it's nothing serious, then perhaps my mum will finally relax a bit, it's about time she did.

Since I agreed to stop playing with her hair in the middle of the night she has let me sleep in her bed again, I'm very good and curl up on her shoulder all night. I wake up when it's light, which she says is fine in the winter but I'm not allowed to start skipping about in the summer at five in the morning, I've no idea why not, sunrise seems like the perfect time to start playing with my tail.


  1. Hello Archie. Good luck at the Cat Dr's. Tell your Mum not to worry, it'll be OK. You remind me of my friend Cleo. He is 18 and is sitting on my Mum's chair as he isn't feeling too well at the moment. Mum says it is nice to be reminded of how he looked when he was little. He to (I know, silly name for a boy but he was meant to be a she)has a little bit of white on his chest. He also always had one white whisker, now they have all turned white. When Cleo was about 10 a neighbour came to tell my Mum that he had been run over. My Mum buried and cried buckets as she buried this black cat with a whit whisker and a white bit on his chest. Later that evening is through the cat flap walked Cleo - My Mum had buried the Farmer down the road's black cat!!!! Enjoy sleeping with your Mum, I have been given one more chance to turn off my purr tonight as I kept Mum awake all night. I can't help it, I tried to sleep by the feet but ontop of Mums head seems so much better.

    Love Marmalade xx

  2. Archie, you are so adorable and so sweet our mom almost can't stand it. She wants to kiss and cuddle you to pieces.

    We hope the lump is nothing of any concern; odds are it's something quite benign. But we're sending lots of purrs and Light to your mom, because we know how much our humans worry about us. And of course to you, too, for your upcoming visit to the v-e-t.

    We think your radiator is a fabulous place to curl up; we're jealous because our house doesn't have those.

    And you are such a grand help to your mom with her felting! We can see how creative you are.

    Purrs and kitty kisses and happy Valentine's Day!

    -Annie, Nicki and Derry

  3. You sure are busy, Archie! We'll be purraying for you and we hope that the bad ol' lump is nothing serious.

  4. Oh Archie please be careful with the big loud white box!!!
    When Olli was smaller he also love to discover the inside of the washing mashine and the dryer. I always had to check the dryer because he loved to sleep in it.
    Good luck for the vet!

  5. Oh Archie :-) Thank you for making me smile. You are such a lovely little thing. I hope your visit to the vets this week puts your Mum's mind to rest that you are a healthy little puss.
    A x

  6. Archie, you're a cutie!!!:) Wonderful, little kitty...You look like Chocolate,my black cat :) Now he's 3 years old, but just as curious as you!
    You're soooo sweet when you're sleeping!
    Makes me smile :) I will now call Coffee, Chocolate and Milky to come and see how nice you are!
    hi from your furriends!


  7. :) Since you asked, here you are!!
    And if you click on "Pets" label on my blog, you will find more pics..But I will upload more photos asap, especially those of Chocolate when he was still a kitty!

  8. Thank you for your kind words on my blog, about the loss of our much beloved tabby cat.
    Your black kitty is so cute and photogenic, and up to some mischief, I can see.
    How great to see some cat antics here. I like the photo of him sleeping on the red towel on the radiator, keeping toasty.

  9. How sweet! Reminds me so much of my own cats I used to have as a child. I do so hope he's ok!

  10. So sad about Newton, but I'm sure Archie will bring you much joy and his own personality will keep you amused. He's gorgeous and so cute.


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