Thursday, 18 February 2010

Baking on a snowy evening!

It's been snowing here today - just as we thought it was changing to warmer weather, and we can't believe how white it has been again!

Time for some baking!
I had been meaning to try these delicious-looking torcetti piemontesi that Annalisa shared a few days ago on her lovely cooking blog. We have a bread-maker so I'm afraid I cheated (sorry!) by putting the ingredients in there on the dough cycle - not the proper way I know, but I didn't have the time to mix by hand. I used strong plain flour and added 150 ml of warm water, which was ever so slightly too much, so I had to add a few shakes of flour to the pan of the machine after it had started mixing just to make it not too sticky - I turned round after doing this to find a very surprised looking kitten sitting up with floury sprinkles all over the top of his little head - the bag of flour had a hole in the side and as I carried it through the room he'd got a dusting while he was napping on the chair! My OH said he'll have to get used to it as I'm a very messy cook!

I shaped the dough (though not as carefully as I should as I was so busy) and rolled in sugar as Annalisa said, and baked! It was quite a long time after our dinner when they were ready and we ate loads - lovely while still warm. In fact as I type this I think son no.1 has just come downstairs to get the last couple!

Annalisa has also very kindly given me these blog awards:

Even though she is far away she has become, like so many of you, a good friend, so thank you again!

I'm not going to pass these on to anyone particularly, but will again say how much I value your friendships, all of you!


  1. They look yummy! I don't believe you're a messy anything. All these awards - get you!

  2. Hi!!!So happy you made them!They look good, a wonderful colour!You aren't messy, just a busy mum and that's understandable, we can just admire you for that!
    :) happy that you and your family liked them, hope my recipe was clear enough- I apologize in the case sometimes it's difficult to uderstand them!-

  3. I think I should invite myself over for a taste test. Quality control and that.

  4. I've only just found the recipe so must have a go over the weekend. They look so yummy :-)
    A x

  5. Concats on your awards! Annalisa makes the bestest stuff:)


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