Thursday, 23 December 2010

Happy Christmas and Archie in the snow

Those of you who have been following a little while may remember that I'm a great advocate of the 'buy yourself presents' way of doing things - that way you get things you are truly happy with.

I've been trying hard to support other craftspeople and artists by buying from Folksy this year, even though I still haven't quite managed to set up a shop of my own, so was delighted to find these beautiful Christmas Robins from the Linen Cat shop - and I ordered a set for a friend. Well, when they came I just hated to part with them, such lovely deep rich colours and so cheerful, so I sent them off and then promptly ordered some more just for me. They came so quickly and were beautifully wrapped with great details on the labels and packaging, and this morning I hung them up on my garland.

I finally got round to putting a few decorations on our tree too, but Archie was un-decorating it as fast as I was getting them on, thinking it was a great game. In the end I had to leave a lot of bare branches at the bottom of the tree with things hanging further up. We also had to move a couple of bags of presents which had been lovingly wrapped by my friends in lovely rustly tissue paper, There are few things more attractive to a cat than rustly paper AND a bag to stuff his head in, so my presents are now ontop of the wardrobe - in fact there's not very much we've left under the tree at all.

Archie is loving the snow - it seems to be making him a bit skippy and mad, and he's been staying out for ages despite cold toes! Here he is nearly up to his knees:
And here he is all black, skipping about in the white snow, just like a young cat should. He starts tentatively for a little while then pounces on it before trotting off!

I hope all of you have a very Happy Christmas and are able to enjoy some rest and time for yourselves. We are struggling as my mum is deteriorating drastically each day mentally, so it's very tough, but we will make the best of everything and spend some time with good friends and family, and I'm finding that being with my boys is so helpful as I can think about my life going forward despite all the difficulties.
Thank you for all your friendship and support this last year which has meant so much to me.


  1. Those robins are marvellous, no wonder you ordered some for yourself as well! Lovely!

    Archie was so adorable and funny in that video, very adventurous!

    You have more snow than we do; we have only a dusting, not even enough to cover all the blades of grass. How bizarre, considering our geographic location.

    I do hope there are "happys" -- small joys -- amid the struggles this Christmas. Sending you Light and (((hugs))) and wishing you strength and inner calm...whatever you need...for now and for the challenges that 2011 will bring.

  2. My goodness those robins are exquisite!! They are just so pretty!! I'd be terrible and leave them in their packet and never take them out - they're so pretty!!! :-)

    Awww great to see wonderful and ever so fabulous Archie!!! He really is a special kitty!! I love that you have to abandon the gift laying under the tree and the decorating of the lower branches because he would have a go! Bless his little furry heart!! Watch him attack that snow!! He's loving the snow - that's such fun to see! Go Archie!

    Oh Felted House! I am truly truly sorry to hear about your mum. It's so awful for all of you and so heartbreaking to read. I'm keeping a candle in my heart all lit up for all of you. I wish you and Archie and your lovely family a peaceful Christmas! Take care

  3. Great decoration, love the simple design of the birds and thanks for sharing exploits of kitty pouncing snow...(if there happened to be a mouse burrowing under it he would have sooo caught it . Good pouncing Archie !)

  4. Those decorations are so pretty! I agree with your idea of purchasing your own gifts...I always do such a good job if I may say My kitty likes to chew on the bottom almost looks like she is using it for a tooth brush, she really does not bother the decorations-she's probably just too lazy!
    I loved watching Archie in the snow! He looks like he is enjoying himself.
    Enjoy your family and friends and I will say a prayer for you and your mom. :)

  5. Archie is so adventuous and adorable. I love a black cat. He looks lovely on white snow. I'm sorry for your mum's status. Hope you have a relaxing time with her and your family.
    Happy Holiday.

  6. Archie looks as if he's having great fun - aren't they fab when they throw the snow around! Sorry to hear about your mum, hope you still manage to have a good Christmas.
    PS - after 5 years we still have to have bare branches at the bottom of our tree for the smae reason!

  7. Those robins are so sweet ... as is Archie the Snow Cat!!!
    You're very much in my thoughts this Christmas. I hope you can have some quality time with your boys and find some Christmas cheer from somewhere.
    All my love Kathy xxx

  8. Those robins are so sweet!

    Have a wonderful time, so sorry to hear your Mum isn't getting any better, it is hard to watch when their brain won't work as well as it used to :-(

    Take care

  9. Love the video. My dogs went mad when I played it :-)
    A x

  10. Scott and I prefer to buy our own gifts too, I'll tell him "Look what you just got me!" The robins are simply lovely--IF we could even HAVE a tree I'd buy some for sure!
    Young Archie is such a clown, the little foot-shake was adorable.
    Treasure the moments with your Mom; and enjoy your holidays with your family.

    Merry Christmas!

    Trish & the Lounge Kats

  11. Love the robbins, wish I had a set!

    I have just showed Pepe the video of Archie in the snow on full screen and she was not a happy pussy cat. Here eyes were very wide and she seemed to think that Arhie had ran and hidden behind the back of the laptop in her house!

    She is sooo thick!

    Have a lovely Christmas.


  12. love the video of archie in the snow!

    keeping you and your mum in my thoughts :)

    hope you had a lovely christmas and best wishes for a great 2011 :)x

  13. I'm so so sorry about your mum! I just read your comment re: Annie (who is in hospital now).

    I know it seems trite and that no words can truly comfort, but please know I'm sending you hugs and Light, purrs from the cats. Wishing you Blessings, Strength and Peace.


  14. Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog recently.
    Hope you are ok, loved the photos of archie in the snow by the way.


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