Sunday, 12 December 2010

Happy birthday to Archie!

My beautiful Archie is now a whole year old - in fact his birthday was a couple of weeks ago but in the middle of the chaos of life I didn't manage to post anywhere near the day itself.
I know from the lady who owned him and his mum that he was the first one of the litter of five to be born. He has been the sweetest kitten we've ever had, no bad temper at all and so cuddly even as an adult. Hard to believe he has changed so much from the tiny black-with-tabby-stripes fuzzy ball of fur here:

to his present sleek self! He is still very stretchy and bendy as you can see:

I couldn't work out how to post videos when we had him, but here are two short ones from when he was tiny - I love the second one where he topples over but pretends it was nothing to do with him!

Now of course he is so much more sensible and grown up. He likes to watch TV with us - Frasier and Grand Designs are his favourites so far, we don't know why:

It's proving to be a pretty grim time for us. My mum is still in hospital, mentally much worse than ever, it's unclear how much she'll recover so we're just trying to take a day at a time and see what happens, while clearing what we can from her house bit by tiny bit. Archie is keeping me going with lots of cuddles!


  1. A very happy birthday to Archie! What a sweetie, loved the videos. He was so tiny. And look at him now, a sleek panther. I hope he has a long, healthy and happy life with you!

    I'm sorry your mom's mental state is deteriorating. I hope there are long term care facility options for her, should that be what she needs. Whatever happens, please know I'm sending you all universal Light and Blessings, for your Highest Good and the Highest Good of All Concerned.



  2. Oh my goodness, Archie is one already ... well it seems no time since he was a tiny ball of fluff! Happy Birthday Archie!
    Sorry to hear things are no better with your mum. It must be a terrible strain on you!
    Remember to take care of yourself too!
    Love Kathy xxx

  3. Oh Archie!!! Me and Charlie made you this song. Ahem:

    Happy birthday Archie
    You are one and full of glee
    You are sleek and so stretchy!
    Happy Birthday Archie!!

    Hip hip hoooray!!!!!!! What a cutie!!!!

    Big hugs to Archie!! And lots and lots of support purrs and hugs to you!! I'm so sorry to hear about your mum. I think you can only do what you are doing now - taking one day at a time.

    Take care

  4. There is no way that Master Archie is ONE! Gosh he was a cute little fuzzball, I'm glad he has such a great temperament...he looks VERY laid back!

    I'm sympathetic for you, my mother in law is suffering from senior dementia and it really is hard on my Hubby. You and your Mom are in our prayers.

  5. LOL!!! Our black cat watches tv like that too!!!! Are you sure they aren't related?
    Happy birthday Archie!!!

  6. Amazing how our fuzzy friends can be such blessings in our lives....purrrficly blissful day to Archie and many more .

  7. wow, where did that year go?! hasn't he grown? he was soooo teeny, tiny :) and now he's a master of cat yoga!

    glad to hear that his snuggles are a comfort for you. sending positive thoughts and healing hugs for you and your mum, and a tummy-rub for archie too.

    when my nan used to get a chest or kidney infection it used to affect her mentally as well as physically, hope that as your mum's body fights off the infection, she will return to herself soon :)x

  8. ahhh, nothing like a good snuggle from a furry friend! One day at a time- take care of yourself while you are waiting to see how things transpire with your mom. Sending positive thoughts to you...Hugs :)

  9. aahh happy birthday cute little felt loving archie :-) xxx Sending virtual hugs to you, your Mum and family.

  10. Happy Belated Birthday Archie..x

  11. Happy birthday dear sweet Archie x x
    Thinking of you and your mum ... sending you hugs.

  12. Aww happy birthday Archie! Your look-a-like and bend-a-like friend Lila hopes you had a fun day!
    Best of wishes to you and the family, I hope you manage to find some restfulness & peace over Christmas.

  13. Happy birthday little Archie, you grew up so fast!
    You were such a small kitty! Chocolate says you're a beautiful black cat and you'll be a purrfect mancat soon :)
    Have fun, take care!


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