Saturday, 4 December 2010

Felting with silk fibres

Firstly thank you for your lovely comments of support on my last post - it does feel like a grim time but I'm trying to look for some good things in each day, and if you're actually looking for the positives I think you find them more easily.

As well as the situation with my mum's health over the last few weeks, I also had a committment to what was supposed to be a very successful craft fair, so I did push myself to make a good selection of things. I made a lot of felt incorporating dyed mulberry silk fibres and was really pleased with the way they showed up and shimmered against black or other deep colours:

I did this flat piece first to make into a notebook, and liked it so much I made a seamless bag too:

The photo at the start of this shows a shoulder bag I made - I chose the colours of silk in blues and purple to match the fairtrade ceramic button I'd bought earlier, a friend of mine was owed a bag as a present and chose this one when she saw it, so I was pleased it had gone to a good home!
I also used some more dyed silk hanky to make other notebook covers in different shades, as well as a bit more sari silk - that's always a bit difficult to felt in securely but the wispy silk fibres have been really enjoyable to work with and I'll try to think of even more ways to use them in the future.


  1. Oh wow!! Your lucky friend!! What an amazing bag - as well as the seamless one and I love what you've done with the sari silks and these deep gorgeous and yummy colours all swirly - like swirly cigarette smoke!!! Wow!!!!

    How was the fair? I hope the weather didn't hit it too badly??? These are really lovely lovely things. Too nice to be used - for me they should just left in a case and admired!!!

    Hello to sweet Archie!! Take care

  2. LOve the button! The black wool with the colored silk really looks wonderful! Keep looking for the positive- I agree, it makes things so much easier to deal with! :)

  3. You make such beautiful Art. I'm glad you're making time for it.
    I've had to clean out two relatives houses...hoarders both of them. I truly sympathize with least I was dealing with the stuff of a life that had moved on. Not a lot of complaints! And a Few treasures uncovered, too.

    Hang in there. Give Archie 643 kissies from me!

    xx Trish

  4. I'm so glad to see you've been able to do some crafting .... your work is beautiful as always. I'm always envious when I read your posts, I feel very drawn to felting. I might have to try it out one day.
    I hope you find things easier very soon.
    Thanks for your kind comments over on my moaning post ... I'm feeling much better at the moment, so I'll see how it goes in work this week.Life can be so hard at times, can't it! But we will get through this in the end
    ... it'll just take time. Big hugs!
    Love Kathy xxx

  5. I love the bright silks against the dark background. They really are beautiful items.

  6. Absolutely gorgeous pieces!

    I'm wondering if the weather put the kybosh on fair attendance too, as you wrote "supposed to be..."

    I hope not, I hope it WAS successful!

    (((Hugs))) and Light.

  7. I'm glad that you'll find things easier. Your work is great. I wonder how to make the bag handle, how to make it thick? The flap looks nice with a "black line" around.

  8. Very nice; is black the new black? I love the colours in the bag at the top (of course).

  9. these look great, the colours of the silk work very well against the black background. really love your notebooks :)x


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