Friday, 17 December 2010

Christmas Wrapping with Archie, by Archie.

I'm finding this is a great time of year to help my mum with lots of things. It's my very first Christmas and I'm very excited about all the decorations. I like the things that look like bits of trees best - I've managed to run off with small pieces of those and hide them under the kitchen table for later. I quite like trying to chew the fairy lights too but my mum says I'm not allowed.

Let me tell you how cats can best help their humans at this time of rustly paper and ribbons.

First you will need to hide behind any rustly paper ready to get all big-eyed and spring out at your human just as they may be trying to stick a piece of sellotape on a present, so that they are so surprised they stick the sellotape to the wrong bit.

Then you should see how well you can sharpen your claws on the end of any spare paper you can find - my mum did take a photo of me doing this but it was very blurry as I was sharpening very fast. This helps add decorative perforations in the edge of the paper to make it extra special, here is my suggested design:

Then you should roll over and over on the paper as it is spread out and start chewing any nearby curly ribbon.

This helps unpack the ribbon ready for your human to use.

And then finally don't forget to demand constant attention, this helps by ensuring your human feels needed.


  1. Ahhh yes.... I remember it well. I once had 3 cats who enjoyed Christmas too much Archie.

    The tree was down more then it as up because one of them (Tyke) was BIG... 22 pounds. We named him as a tiny kitten ..but, he outgrew his name. He insisted on launching himself at the tree from about 12 feet away... taking the whole thing to the ground with him clinging to the branches...even though I told him numerous times not to do it.

    Christmas morn was the end-all.. there they were ...all 3 of them... snoozing in tissues and ribbons.... and every single gift under the tree...which, miraculously, was still standing..... was unwrapped!! The little buggers! Of course, it was funny...but, you know how us humans love to unwrap things ourselves.... SO not pleased....

  2. Archie, you are a fine upstanding member of the family Cat. We couldn't be more helpful if we tried, and we hope your Human was pleased with your assistance!
    BTW--have you tried chewing the wrapping paper? It's quite soothing and delicious!

  3. Archie, thanks for those tips!

    I should introduce you to Miss Evie, she's an older lady but would love go on a date 'being helpful' with you. Why just the other day she helpfully chewed her mummy's special tape measure into three pieces, all the more to measure with!

    Merry Christmas handsome Archie!

    Ali x

  4. Archie, your skill at wrapping has left us amazed. We especially like that pattern you made with your claws. No doubt your mum is thrilled to have your help with all the wrapping she has to do!

  5. Awww adorable and ever so stretchy and loveable Archie!! You are the bestest kitty to be helping your mum with christmas!! Me and Charlie are in AWE at your gift wrapping and christmas tree chewing skills - we are taking down notes!!!

    It's so sweet that it's your first christmas!! Awwww you're still a baby kitty really!!

    Take care

  6. What fun Archie. You have been so helpful for your Mum ... I bet she got the presents wrapped in double quick time. I once had a kitty who would climb all the way to the top of the tree and then cry because she thought she was stuck ... silly girl!
    Dogs aren't so silly ... when it was my first Christmas I used to help my Mum by unhooking the bottom rows of branches of the tree thing and run away with them in case they had food on them!!!!
    Love Inca xxx

  7. Archie you are a star! Makes present wrapping a whole new experience. Can you please tell your human thank you for the lovely comment, and I am glad that she is able to come and say hello again. You obviously bring her a bit of pleasure at this difficult time. Please tell her I am thinking of her and wish her and her mum all the best.
    Jenny xx

  8. oh archie you are such a helpful kitty! i love your big eyes in the 2nd pic :)

    better keep on the move though when mum has the wrapping paper and tape out, otherwise this may happen:

    furry, christmassy hugs :)x

  9. Great tips Archie - now make sure you all have a very happy Christmas!!

  10. What a fab post Archie. It's so good to see you enjoying your first Christmas and being such a great help to you mum :-)
    A x

  11. Archie, I think you've been talking to my Dylan. He's a bit older than you (he's 5) and not only does he look just like you he also knows those wrapping techniques too. I'm sure you'll continue to help just like he does!

  12. Happy Christmas Archie and Family xxx

  13. Ooh Archie some very useful tips - I will have to get Mia and Lila to read this so they can be as helpful as possible this week! Also don't forget the best bit of christmas - turkey giblets!!


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