Wednesday, 15 December 2010

A follow up about John Lewis

Now, where were we all that time ago, before life got so complicated?
You may remember, or probably won't, ages ago at the end of this post, which came in my previous crisis-free life, that I'd left a load of stuff in John Lewis. Well following on from that I would like to say how fantastic the store can be. There are many reasons for this. Obviously it has many pretty, shiny, stylish and desirable things all laid out in attractive displays. It has many departments on many floors containing virtually everything you could need in all areas of your life, and, of course, it has a haberdashery department. Only in a parallel universe could I dream of being able to shop there regularly.
But it's so much more than the products they've got - it's the way they treat customers. I feel like I matter to them - nothing is too much trouble and so far all the assistants I've met have been unfailingly attentive and helpful without being pushy. It seems to be how shopping should be, and used to be in the past when people had time and a smile for you.

But I wasn't prepared for what happened following my experience of losing my stuff in my brain-less daze. Well I did ring up the day I lost the bag and there was no trace of anything, but even if there had been I'd have had to go and get it, or replace it all, so off I set on an 8am bus (that's very early for me on a Saturday) and got there just as the store was being unlocked the next day. I made my way to an assistant to explain brainless daze and forgetfulness and she took me to haberdashery to see if anyone had handed my ribbons in, but they hadn't. But the manager was there and overheard and told the assistant to take me up to Customer Services and.....if my bag hadn't been handed in he told her to ensure that all my items were replaced free of charge. Can you believe it? Of course he had heard me say 'small bag' and knew it was haberdashery rather than Jaeger/Jigsaw (as if) but even so I'd spent getting on for £20 and was quite overwhelmed at their offer to replace it all when I was the one who'd lost it.
In the end when we got upstairs yes somebody had indeed handed my things in - I couldn't really imagine anyone wanting to run off with tailors chalk, embroidery threads and a thimble but you just never know.
So faith in human nature is restored, and I like John Lewis even more. And so I bought these very nice mugs from them - I fell for the bird as always.

Archie liked the unpacking of them as you can see from the first photo. He's been enjoying wrapping Christmas presents as well. I haven't enjoyed this as much as he has.


  1. Such fantastic customer service! I can't imagine any store here would offer that. Maybe ones I can't even afford to window shop in. LOL. But how wonderful someone had turned your purchases in.

    The mugs are so pretty! I'm sure Archie was a great help unpacking them. We won't speak of the "help" in wrapping presents, though. The "help" I received was enough to drive me to the edge of sanity. Ha. As if I don't hang out there every day, anyway. :-P

    Lots of (((hugs))) and Light.

  2. What a lovely story. it restores your faith in mankind ... first that someone handed your bag in and then such wonderful service.
    Must admit, John Lewis is my favourite shop. We have a wonderful new store in Liverpool City Centre. Can't say I actually buy much there but I do love to browse!!!
    Love Kathy xxx

  3. Aaah, have you watched 'Turn Back Time on the High Street'? Overwhelmingly customers LOVED the personal touch that would have abounded in the pre-war eras and were prepared to pay a bit extra for that service. Incidentally, you left your Christmas present here yesterday- do you notice a pattern developing? Lol!

  4. Well what a heart warming story that is! So glad you got all your stuff but what a brilliant attitude J L have. It's what is needed in life in general these days isn't it - people that will go the extra mile to help others! I love your new mugs.

  5. Yay for John Lewis!! It's the personal touch and being treated like a human being that make all the difference with shops!! I'm so glad that your John Lewis branch has employed great staff - it really makes the difference when they go the extra mile!! Gawd bless John Lewis!!!

    And look at these lovely mugs!! I think they complement the gorgeous and ever so beautiful Archie!!!

    I'm so sorry that you are in the midst of such personal turmoil. I know this has been said already and I know it's like a broken record but I truly feel you just need to take one day at a time, one event at a time.

    Take care and please keep and stay warm - the snow is coming!!

  6. I remember that post, I felt so bad for you! I am so happy that it ended up having a happy ending. It's kind of sad that those types of endings typically surprise us since they seem to be so few and far between. Good customer service will always get my vote as a reason to shop at a particular store. :)

  7. How wonderful! Good Karma couldn't have happened to a nicer person. I hope things are coming around, or at least your ability to cope. I'm rooting for you!

    Your new mugs are so pretty, the spare design is perfect.

    Kiss Master Archie for us!

  8. Hello there!
    it's been a while, I have been very busy and didn't manage to leave any comment really.
    But I am glad I came back to find this very nice post, besides the previous one about Archie's birthday!
    The mugs are lovely, I really like them!
    And well, about losing things.. I know what you mean, lately has happened few times to me as well, must be because of all the things I have to do, and it's awful when something like that happens!But I'm so happy to hear this happy ending story :)
    Take care!

  9. I am so pleased you got your bag back, it is horrid when that happens!
    Hope you have a lovely Christmas, give Archie a stroke for me..x

  10. John Lewis are amazing aren't they? We have aWaitrose nearby and the service and customer care there is well worth the extra expense!

  11. Isnt that lovely! It is indeed rare to get such good customer service these days.

    Love your new mugs too :)

  12. arrgghhh... just lost my post!! Waved my fingers over my silly cordless mouse. I don't like that thing. Stuff just disappears if I'm not very careful...

    Anyway... congrats to Jude...

    I was telling of the time when I was a child of 12... saddled with the responsibility of paying the household bills....with cash...and left $400 in my wallet, on the back of a toilet in the Hudson's Bay.

    I got to the bottom of the escalator; realized what I'd done...and raced back up. Gone.

    I went to customer service and lo and behold..some wonderful lady had turned it in...totally intact. I broke down and bawled. How I wish I could have met the lady. I would have cried all over her for sure....

    Dont know what would have become of me had I not found it...but I sure wouldn't have dared to go home.....

    From that day on... nothing I was carrying when out ever was set down. Ever. I'm totally paranoid about it.

  13. I have used them twice now, using the click and collect. It worked well. See link :


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