Sunday, 30 May 2010

Other people's talent!

To start I'm just showing you you a couple of things I got recently. First here is my lovely coal-tit painted by Sam - I'd loved her bird pictures (and indeed all her illustrations) that I'd seen on her blog and had asked her to do a small one for me to go in my kitchen, and she sent me this one, isn't he beautiful?!

We have real coal-tits occasionally in the garden so it's lovely to be able to look at this one all the time, just got to get him framed! (Sam if you are reading this there is a small thank you parcel in the post!)

Second - I did a local craft fair a week last Saturday, which sadly turned out to be very unproductive in terms of sales (my friend Tammy sold just a single card) perhaps due to the extremely hot weather, but I did meet a couple of other stallholders including Sue (who has a Folksy shop here). It was a slightly strange experience only because I'd seen her work featured on Narkeymarkey's blog here just a couple of weeks before, and had liked the look of her little fabric kittens, and had completely over-looked the fact that she was so local, so wasn't expecting to see kittens to choose from so close by! I bought this one for me:

and one for my mum, who is also very much a cat person, they're just so appealing!

I'm having a bit of a creatively low phase right now, sometimes your confidence just goes a bit doesn't it (did anyone see the Child of Our Time programme last night? I think my personality is mainly just neurotic!), so I've been in the garden for hours and hours trying to really tidy it up properly - nearly there now, just a few more seedlings to plant out and borders to weed a bit more. I'm hoping to get felting again when term starts and routine goes back to normal. We're looking forward to a week together just at home. The boys have been seamlessly playing on various forms of electronic games (Wii fit table-tennis as I type) but we hope to get out cycling for a day. Archie's been climbing up his first tree:

- he did keep getting his little legs in a bit of a tangle with the branches so didn't go too high. I was in a hammock for a few minutes' rest and he kept popping into it to say hello!

Hope all of you have a good week.


  1. Your bird picture is just great, what a lovely illustration. And those little kittens...soooo cute.

  2. Oh those are lovely paintings of a coal tit! I've just popped over to Sam's blog and am enamoured by her teddys! Oh and gorgeous Silkie! Who is a great help to her like your fabulous Archie!! He's really growing up to be an Action Archie kitty isn't he? He's adorable!

    Just like those sweet little fabric ones! I love the BIG faces and white button noses. Very sweet!

    I've not watched Child of our Time but I would guess my personality is unstable! LOL! I'm kidding!! I'm sorry you're in a low creative phase at the moment - but look at you - with an eye for all things artistic and quirky and looking after your garden - that in itself is an artform! Oh yes it is!!

    I can't wait for you to be felting again!!!!! I hope your week off with your lovely family is what you need to re-charge those artistic batteries!

    Take care

  3. Our Mom just went gaga over that stuffed kitty! Thank you for the birthday wishes:) ~Tristan

  4. Hello. I think it is very easy for the creative confidence to get a bit knocked when you do a craft stall and don't seel much. Don't do what I did, gave up making things to sell and just grumbled about it (an now it is really hard to get back into it! Keep making. I love seeing Archie up a tree.

    Colette xx

  5. OH look at ARchie! Our cat climbed a tree the other day and found a birds nest. Oh NO! Luckily this was an old nest and there were no baby birds in it.

  6. Gorgeous watercolour there and the kitten is just so cute! Blimey if you doubt your work no one else has any hope as you make gorgeous things. Mind you pottering in the garden is lovely when the sun is shining so enjoy.

  7. You find the loveliest things! I love both the card and the little fabric kitten.

    Archie is adorable, in his tree-climbing efforts.

    I think one's creativity ebbs and flows, but please don't let a bit of a slump discourage you.

    BTW, "rye" is whiskey in Canada, as opposed to Scotch. :-)


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