Saturday, 1 May 2010

Rhubarb Cake

This is our vegetable patch. Yes I know it's not got any veg in it yet - I've never had much success direct sowing, so my seedlings are in the greenhouse in modules waiting to be planted later!

But as you can see, it has got a large bushy rhubarb in the corner, which we inherited with the house nearly fourteen years ago. When we moved there was just an enormous patch of earth plus the rhubarb, currant bushes and some raspberries which kept going till a couple of years ago and now need replacing. My OH put all the beds and paths in a while ago and although it was a lot of work it's made it much more managable. I don't have time to really devote to the veg as the rest of the garden takes so much time but I'm doing courgettes, brocolli and some salad leaves plus some flowers and beans if I get round to them too!
Anyway, here is my favourite thing to do with rhubarb, it is in fact my favourite cake of all time I think - I'm trying to diet at the moment so it was a stupid time to make it, but look how beautifully pink the rhubarb is,

I just couldn't help myself. It is called Rhubarb Cornmeal cake form Nigella's Domestic Goddess Book - here is a link (to someone else's blog, just to save me typing it out!) if anybody would like to try it. The polenta/cornmeal is such a lovely golden yellow colour

and helps to soak up some of the rhubarb juices so that the cake isn't too soggy!

Perfect for tea and cake in the garden on a sunny spring afternoon - haven't quite managed that yet, and this cake's nearly gone, I'll have to make another one...


  1. That cake looks delicious. I am in awe of those beds. It must look a delight when filled. I remember seeing the vegetable garden at Kew Gardens, who kne it could be so pretty!

    Have a wonderful weekend xJ

  2. Oh, I'm so hungry looking at those photos! Yummy! Surely it's healthy, can't be considered "cake" at all. No chocolate, no ice cream or whipped cream, but just fresh ingredients....I'm sure rhubarb must be high in some vitamin or mineral or perhaps anti-oxidants! :-)

    We had two large rhubarb patches when I was growing up and Mom always would stew it up (great over ice cream) or make rhubarb pie or cake. Mmmm....Now I have to rummage in the fridge for something to eat! LOL.

  3. I grew up in the Midwest (Illinois) and rhubarb was a rite of spring for us kids. We'd eat it raw (!!!) dipped in sugar.
    The cake looks delicious. Definately a health food!
    xx lounge kat Mommy Trish

  4. Hi

    That Nigella is one naughty, naughty woman!!!

    But I love - absolutely love - rhubarb plants! It's the leaves. I love these mega giant leaves!


    Thank you for the link though - rhubarb is just making their way to Waitrose so I might just be tempted. Oh who am I kidding - it looks so yummy here I might just have a go!

    Your garden patch is looking really organized! Fantastic! I love it when people grow their own veg- my ex's dad used to (and probably still does!) and we'd be inundated with courgettes and spinach and yummy yummy marrow and tomatoes and they all tasted yummier! I do appreciate it's hard work but the results are fantastic!

    So good for you!

    Is it raining where you are? It's bucketing down here but then it is bank holiday so no surprises there!

    Have a great Sunday!

    p.s Diet?!?! Jamais!

    take care

  5. Wow! I'm impressed with your vegetable beds!!!
    I've never grown veg - apart from pumpkins for Hallowe'en.
    We had rhubarb in our garden when I was small.
    I never even think about buying it now - I might look out for some next time I go shopping.
    Love Kathy xxx

  6. Scrummy cake - might try growing a bit of rhubarb myself.

  7. Well thank you for those of you who have tried valiantly to convince us all that a cake with fruit in must be healthy - just what I thought. I wondered about having it for breakfast rather than as an extra for tea!
    Yes it is raining here, and very windy - I've just taken Archie out and he went all big-wild-eyed and shivery so we've come in again!
    Rhubarb incidentally seems to require no attention whatsoever and seems indestructable - I never do anything with mine, so have a go at growing some if you don't already!

  8. Hmmmm, I think I'll need to come visit. I'll need to see that beautiful garden as well as taste that cake first hand. Oh, we can talk felting, too, if you like!

  9. You know rhubarb is technically a vegetable - so even healthier than fruit cake. I was tempted to put some rhubarb in my homemade soup yesterday (we have 5 clumps in the garden & if I don't keep picking it, it takes over)- I resisted though.

  10. MMM yum! Will definately have to try that out!
    We just planted a new rhubarb plant at the weekend - Ive finally got some reasonable veggie growing room - HUGE recyled wooden boxes :o)

  11. Thanks for your kind and wonderful comment on my blog- you're truly a dear friend! Always been there with lovely and supporting words, thank you!
    Have a wonderful weekend and happy Mother's day!


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