Monday, 17 May 2010

Another year older

Hopefully another year wiser as well, but I'm not so sure!

Here are a few of the lovely things I had from my friends and family.

A bit of a duck egg greeny-blue and pink theme going on don't you think?
A large jug to go with my smaller one was very welcome, and now has even more flowers in it although I had to take out the spiky foliage as Archie just kept on chewing it! The pink bird I bought for myself from the Fairtrade shop in Leicester - I just couldn't resist him (or her) and the simple bird shape is one of my favourites.

I had these beautifully wrapped Emma Bridgewater flower mugs from my in-laws:
and now want to collect them - they are very pricey but I can ask for one each year as a present!
And these lovely hand-made buttons:

came from my friend Tammy, who has recently opened her own Folksy shop and has committed to trying to buy hand-crafted things as presents whenever possible, so had chosen them from another Folksy seller. I think this is a really important thing to do, to buy from within the ever-growing community of like-minded crafts-people. I'm yet to sign up to Folksy as a seller but I think I'll start by looking to choose my presents from shops there and on similar sites- there is such a large range of lovely things available and it seems to be a very friendly community as some of you know because you're already part of it!

I ended up going out for coffee, lunch and a Pizza Express dinner on the day so what with the chocolates son no. 2 bought for me and the very rich dense chocolate cake he made for me all by himself, I still feel quite heavy and solid!

He also chose me some body scrub - didn't he do well?!

Son no.1, who is getting on for 15, sat at his computer having commissioned his brother to go shopping on his behalf. He later found three pound coins in his pocket and I suggested he go the relatively short distance to the local Tesco Express to get me some flowers, at which point he fixed me with a look and said "I'm not walking up the road with a bunch of flowers!" I told him this was fine, as long as he firmly embedded in his mind that once he had a girlfriend or wife, their Birthday would be of paramount importance and he must put lots of effort into choosing special things himself and on time!

On the morning itself I woke to see Archie's nose all upside-down very close to mine, he was all curled up and purry and said he was sure he himself must surely be the very best present of all!


  1. Just found your blog - love your piccies, I'm a Bridgewater fan too. Keep telling myself it's an investment! Many happy returns of the day.

  2. Happy birthday. Your gifts are gorgeous. Your friends certainly have the artist eye.

  3. Happy Birthday!!!!!!

    And what lovely treats and sweets and presents you received - absolutely lovely. That little bird is sweet!

    Of course Archie is the best one of all! LOL!

    But I love those hand made buttons!! And I hope your son no.1 did get you flowers in the end! LOL! And son no.2 surpassed himself with that yummy cake - what a talent there!

    Glad you had such a fun and happy day!

    take care

  4. Happy (belated) birthday! What wonderful presents your friends and family give--would they like my address and birth date too?

    Son #2 impressed me...son #1 not so much. LOL. Ah, the teen years....

    Archie is so big now, has lost his baby look. What a lovely present, to wake up to his precious face and purr!

  5. The Bridgewater mugs are lovely!! Such a gorgeous soft blue in the pitchers and napkins. I love buying (and receiving) one of a kind homecrafted gifts too. OH yes, Archie is the best gift of all. :-)

  6. Happy birthday. It certainly looks like your friends know you well and can even colour match their presents.
    A x

  7. Happy Birthday, what a lovely selection of Gifts :-)

  8. Happy Birthday! Looks like you are loved by many! I hope you enjoyed your day!

  9. Thank you all for your good wishes, I do certainly have lovely friends. No, son no.1 did not get me flowers in the end but he and I share a good relationship and many lovely conversations which I'm very grateful for - and he does sometimes go and choose me things like lip gloss from the shops (I guess he can hide that in his pocket!)
    No, no cake left, or chocolates, they have been assimilated now into my hips I think!

  10. Happy Birthday. Looks like you had a really lovely day.

    Take care

    Colette xx

  11. Well, well...Happy Birthday! It looks like it was a good one. Another year older, but it's good to be here!
    KatMom Trish

  12. Happy birthday! Sounds like your family and friends all appreciate what a special person you are. Your presents are gorgeous ... I'm envious of the new mugs.

  13. Happy Birthday!
    Many happy returns of this very special day!

  14. Happy birthday. Hope you had a great day, love the mugs by the way, I am also a bridgewater fan.

    Archie is looking more and more handsome by the day!


  15. Louisa!
    I am so sorry I did not wish you a happy Birthday!
    So glad you had a lovely day with lots of gifts. Archie is growing up fast, he looks like a right little teenager now!

  16. Oh HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Im sorry to be late! Havent been on the computer mcuh at all & missed your post.

    Glad you had a nice day (home made chocky cake - YUM). Ive had my eye on those blue buttons on Folksy for some time - they are lovely! As are all of your other goodies :o) And Archie looks very regal and grown up in the first photo

  17. Happy belated birthday! It sounds like you were spoiled and rightly so!! What lovely gifts you received, and lots of love, too, from the sounds of it.
    ...and speaking as the mother of four daughters and no sons, I applaud you for teaching your boys how to be loving men and husbands in the future. XXO-

  18. A belated happy birthday, what gorgeous pressies you got - I am very jealous of the little birdie, well and all of the rest of it come to that!


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