Sunday, 9 May 2010

A very long day

Today was my first Craft Fair of this year, and it's taken me an age to get ready for it. All the making of new things to go with what I already had, and then all the details like pricing labels and then packing everything up too - this was quite a challenge as Archie just loved trying to break into the boxes to extract things. I don't know why he's so obsessed with stealing felt - I guess it is light and he can easily get his teeth and/or claws into it to run off with it!

Here is our stall in the corner of the marquee:

I was sharing with my good friend Confessions of an Artist, who today was also being her other self The Silver Moon

with her beautiful silver and sea-glass jewellery displayed on driftwood very effectively.

It ended up a lovely sunny morning as we were setting up, much better than the rain we had yesterday, and there were lots of people coming past. A lot stopped to look and some asked me questions about the process of making felt, and it was good to meet a few of the other stallholders too. The craft fair was part of the whole Countryside Open Day at the local Common so there was lots going on all around us - a Birds of Prey display outside, Llamas and Bee-keeping demos too, I didn't manage to get any photos of them but it was a good atmosphere.

I expected to sell more than I did especially of my smaller things, which is always a bit discouraging, but I did get lots of positive comments and met some very nice people.
The upside of not selling much is that I can have a proper rest for a while and everything is nicely packed up all ready for the next stall in a couple of weeks. Now I'm going to have a cup of tea and a slightly earlier night!


  1. I'm sorry you didn't sell as much as you hoped, but glad you had a lot of positive feedback and met people who were interested in the process. If I could have beamed myself over across the Atlantic, I'd have purchased that daisy tea pot cosy! (And one or two pieces of jewelry as well!)

    Enjoy your cup of tea, that sounds like a marvellous idea, think I'll plug in the kettle. :-)

  2. These things really are hit and miss aren't they. One day no sales and the next you haven't enough stock!!. Good luck for the future, your things are lovely.

  3. What a shame you didn't sell much, but I agree with winnibriggs, these things really are a roller coaster. Enjoy your rest and I'm sure you'll sell loads at the next fair.

  4. Sorry you didnt sell as much as you hoped but I will say your stall looked really amazing. So colourful and inviting.
    A x

  5. Oh wow!!
    I am so silly!! I never knew you were selling stuff too - I've now found your shop and am eyeing up that lilac clutch purse... I do need one and the lilac is very pretty!!!!!

    Archie is a stylish cat and has very good taste - and I think he was just helping you pack - LOL!

    Don't get me started on the silver jewellry... they're stunning.

    Your stall is lovely and what a great way to showcase your talent with bees, llamas and birds of prey!

    Well done you!

    Take care

  6. Sorry you didn't sell much on the day, your stuff is so lovely. They may be going to buy on-line from you when they realise they can't live without you felt creations :-)

  7. Your stall looks great. So nice that you got to spend the day with your friend too. xJ

  8. Thank you all, I'm feeling much less tired today and so much more positive about the whole day, I'd just set my expectations too high after all that work, which was silly as of course you never know who is coming and what they might like. I believe no experience is ever wasted and yes it was very nice to be with a friend for the day too, it would have been grim without her!

  9. Oh, so sorry to hear you didn't sell much, your works are pieces of art, and they're so precious! They're so many, I see!
    You tried your best, and believe me, you did a great work! Would have loved to visit that fair!

  10. Craft fairs are so hit and miss as far as sales go but you have a great, cup-half full attitude. You shared a day with a friend, you got lots of lovely comments and interest and you certainly showcased some fabulous work!!!

  11. I have to say, your teapot covers make me want to start drinking tea! :) I love how colorful you display area looks.


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