Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Archie recommends....

These hand-woven hogla fibre baskets from Traidcraft.

But which one to choose.....

One just about perfect for squeezing into (just):

the other one a little too large but useful for sharpening claws on the bottom and turning round and round in, and hiding treasures in.

Elsewhere there's been a bit of an incident. Archie says the important thing to remember here mummy:

is that I caught the tiny fly that was at the top of the window flying about before I crash landed on your things, you really should have moved them earlier like you were thinking about. Never put off till tomorrow etc.....


  1. Oh Archie!! You are so innocent! The fly did that, not you!! Of course not!

    I vote the small basket cos you're just too too too too cute in it! And both are great for sharpening clawsies too! Yay!

    Have a lovely day now!

    Take care

  2. You look adorable in those baskets, but we're leaning toward the smaller one, too. :-)

    Yay for catching the fly! It's definitely not your fault that the plate broke. Your mum has to learn to get her things out of your way, of course!

  3. Oops Archie. Look where you go catching flies next time please :-)
    A x

  4. Decisions ... my gang usually goes for the smaller box but two boxes ... hard to decide for sure.

    And, the plate ... understandable ... my Meredith Ann goes crazy if she sees one. (fly not the plate)

  5. Oh Archie you look so sweet!!!!
    Such a lovely basket, I bet it's very comfortable :)
    I am sure it's not your fault, it was the fly!tell your mum!!
    Love, sweet kitty,
    p.s.: chocolate sends you purrs :)

  6. Oh my! Love the picture where he is sniffing the broken saucer..."Did I do that??"
    My cat loves herself a comfy basket too!

  7. Neat little Kitty basket! lol

  8. He's a cheeky boy that Archie, but ever so adorable. I bet you weren't cross with him for long - how could you be?


  9. We would choose the smaller basket...we go for the "smash factor" every time.
    We're thrilled you got that fly! Saucers be danged in pursuit of prey!

  10. Oh Archie, can anyone be cross with you .... you're too cute and amusing. Though I wouldn't push your luck .... LOL !


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