Friday, 4 June 2010

A Senior Moment, or 'Spot the Deliberate Mistake'

I needed to make tea and re-fill the tea-caddy, my mind was on something else, can you see where I may have gone a bit wrong? At least I managed not to pour boiling water on the two teabags I'd put in the tea-caddy.
This was completely genuine, sadly. I'm currently 43, how much worse do you think this may get?

I post this in the hope that it will make any of you who have ever done anything similar, feel better, and that you might know you are not alone. Of course if there are none of you out there who have done anything like this, I should begin to worry now.


  1. I'm 46. It doesn't get better. But they're not "senior" moments till you hit your 60s, IMO. Right now they're just "middle-aged moments," or perhaps "hormonally-induced moments," if that applies. Ha!

    Have a lovely weekend. :-)

  2. Lol. Wipso and I both tried to put the kettle in the fridge instead of the milk jug on 2 different days last week!! Spooky! But then we are a lot older than you!!

  3. Hehe - thanks for the warning ;)

    I turned 40 this year & have noticed that I am getting more 'blonde' - so have my family!!

    Hope you like your tea strong ;)

  4. As Twiglet said we all have senior moments from time to time's just funny that we both had the same senior moment this week....oh and we all know she is much older than me :-)
    A x

  5. Eh????? What is this madness that hits those turned 40 and above?!?!?!

    I must be told the symptoms so I can take more chocolate pills for them!!! LOL!

    I'd blame this current mini heatwave. You are just fab and wonderful! And just like your tea super duper strong! :-)

    Take care

  6. heh heh. I'm soon to be 48. Get use to these new "foibles". I try to put the coffee urn in the refrigerator...this is painful to admit...probably once a week or so.

    Um, what was I saying?

  7. The 40s are just great aren't they? So much to look forward to... grey hairs, menopause, memory loss, and some other things I can't remember.

  8. Its the old grey matter, definately starts to deteriorate after 40. Its words that I have a problem with, (oh and spellings), sometimes I wonder if I'm slowly loosing the ability to speak!

    Oh the joys of getting older, (I'm 42 this year!)


  9. Well I can make you feel better, I am only in my 30s but the other week poured hot water into the coffee jar instead of my mug the other week - I was offering lumps of coffee to vistiors after that :-o Little sweetpea is not the best sleeper so I blame her :-)

  10. Love it, always good to blame it on your age, in my case I have been doing things like that for years!
    Give Archie a little stroke for me...x

  11. It has nothing whatever to do with age! When I was in my 20s, dashing about at lunchtime I put the beans in the teapot and the tea(loose I might add, no teabags for me then) in the saucepan to put on toast!!. As a granny buspass now I'm sure I don't do anything as stupid....umm! did lock hubby out in the garden in the freezing cold and went shopping for 3 hours...I suppose that wasn't so least he didn't think so. The air and him were blue!!

  12. Well what is good is you can blame it on your age and get away with all sorts!
    I am always doing something daft!


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