Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Proper snow at last

While the rest of the country seems to have had many inches of snow, we've only had a pretty, but not deep, sprinkling. Until yesterday, when we had small but persistent flakes and the boys could go out into the field at the bottom of the garden after school and get extremely cold and wet making a snowman and sledging down the hill. Newton is not allowed out, the vet said so, but he really wanted to go too.

Getting darker but they were still out in the field.

Still out.
Everything had a pinky-orange glow because of the street lights.

The tree at the front looked lovely with snowy branches lit up with the Christmas lights:

And when the sun came out this morning it all looked beautiful:


  1. I love that photo of the tree with christmas lights on, and I can see your kittie is as excited as mine at the sight of snow-NOT!

  2. I keep popping outside my kitchen door to take snaps of the hills. The light is wonderful and the picture changes by the minute. Its so beautiful - though very, very cold! Thanks for link to Marmaladerose - it made me very nostalgic for our old haunts in Yorkshire1

  3. I too love the tree with lights on; next year's Christmas card perhaps?


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