Friday, 29 January 2010

A little bit of felting

In between the times spent cuddling a kitten, I have been managing to make a few bits of felt. I'd planned to spend January trying to finish working on my own way to make larger flowers. I'd made one as a corsage in the autumn and several people had asked if they could have one, but I was never fully happy with it, it always takes me a few goes plus tweaks here and there, and I ran out of time to experiment. I made this one earlier in the week, a bit smaller than my original. I anchored the stamens in a different way, next time I'll make them a bit finer but I'm nearly happy with the design. So I'm looking forward to being able to have a proper play with colour combinations soon, I've got lots of different silk fibres to try.

I also managed a small bowl, usually I've done these in much more vivid colours but I'd got some brown Rowan wool in the sale and thought I'd go for much more muted tones. I wasn't quite expecting the design to disappear as much as it did though - it's really blended in, but there's always a place for subtlety! One of the magical things about felt is the slight (or sometimes great if you're experimenting) unpredictability of the final blending of the fibres.

You can see the brown fibres being folded over onto the inner layer of un-dyed ones:and the spiral design on the outer layer before it all blended together! Some feltmakers do this whole process the other way round, laying the decoration next to the template and making the first layers what will be the outside and the final layers what will be the inside, and turning the whole thing inside-out at the end.

These two pics were taken in daylight and the finished one in artificial light - despite white-balancing I still haven't worked out how to get the colours to look exactly the same!


  1. Hi there!

    It was a really nice surprise to find this, though much later than the posting time!:( My followers updater doesn't work, so I don't notice when someone of my followers has posted something!How bad...

    Anyway, about this work you have done, as I was about to say...WOW!!!It's LOVELY!!!

    You're so talented, the flower is stunning..and the bowl too.It would easily be on the coffee table in my living room :)

    What a wonderful work you have done!


  2. I did wet felting last spring and went mad and bought loads of stuff to do some at home and it's still in the spare room!
    Must dig it out after reading this post.

  3. Your flower is gorgeous - I would mount photos of it on toning card - would make lovely birthday or thank you cards! I often do that with pics of my favourite little "works of art" that I have made.

  4. Really love your flower. You are so talented.
    Thanks for dropping in on my blog. I have now finished my first embellished picture using a canvas as you suggested I'm really thrilled with it and will be blogging it soon and putting it in the shop so watch this space. Thanks sooooo much for your suggestion.
    A x

  5. Thank you for all your kind comments, isn't it lovely the support we can give to and receive from each other as we each are creative in our own ways! Lyn I hope you're still going to dig out your supplies and enjoy having a go at wet-felting, I'm sure you will. Twiglet thank you for the idea of using photos, I'd never considered it as I tend to make cards with actual felt flowers on! And Wipso, I'm so glad the canvas worked out and I look forward to seeing it soon!

  6. you have any corsages for sale yet or can I put in an order...I'm desperate for one!


    Katherine x

  7. Absolutely beautifull work - as always :o) Love the colours of both the flower & the bowl

  8. The flower looks wonderful. I also need to have a 'few goes' at something. That was one aspect of the college course, in that we were encouraged to re-assess our own work. Glad you enjoyed the sand art link. And good to see the latest pics of Archie xx


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