Thursday, 21 January 2010

Finished Notebook

Just a quick update on yesterday's post.
There are many ways people make notebooks, I use the whole piece of flat felt, trimmed to size, as a soft and flexible cover, and hand-cut pages from nice textured paper, then just bind with posh ribbon!

The pages can be replaced just by undoing the ribbon and re-threading it again with new ones. I always do the lining in a different contrasting colour.

They're nice to hold and I carry one of my oldest with me to make 'creative notes' or sometimes just shopping lists in!
As I commented earlier my friend uses a completely different technique to make a re-usable cover to fit hardbacked books you buy from stationery shops - she uses a template and resist to form flaps to tuck the cover into, something I've just never got around to trying. Sometimes best to stick with what you know and just admire other people's work!


  1. What a wonderful work!You are so talented,I have never tried to make one.
    Hugs and kisses

  2. Hello!
    lovely to see you are playing with wool again. I want to try it now! something else to put on my list. I aim to have a lovely weekend doing things for me-very selfish but NEEDED! sometimes you just have to don't you?

  3. What a neat little book! love the red - might use one of my felted sweaters and upcycle to a book cover - Just needed a bit of inspiration!

  4. Hi. We have just read your comment on our blog and had a good giggle at the thought of you dreaming about us. Believe me we are in a real building. It's not an old school house but it does have an old school teacher in it when Twiglet is here :-) Think of us a bit like the Sisters Pratt in Lark rise to Candleford but more crafty :-)
    A & J x
    ps word verification is Daftr...think that says it all :-)


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