Monday, 4 January 2010

Crochet Kitten

I'm not quite ready to get all my wool out and start felting just yet, I need to put all the decorations away first and catch up at the office tomorrow, but I did want to make something little while I still had a few moments spare.
Another good thing about the holidays is the lack of guilt I've felt in having a better look round for lovely blog sites, and in my travels I came across this beautiful one called Marmalade Rose.
Spying a crochet kitten pattern I went straight to it and found it was perfect for me to make out of a bit of spare yarn I had left over from doing a crochet penguin last year! Marmalade Rose has very generously shared it with everyone, for which I'd like to say thank you! I too had seen the original knitting pattern a while ago but I think the crochet one is much nicer!

It's taken me a while as black yarn is difficult to see in electric light and we don't seem to be getting much daylight at the moment (unless some of us are getting up early, which I'm not), but I finally finished sewing him up today. I have to say I was doing the tail last night and ended up going quite wrong as I kept losing sight of the tops of the stitches in the round below and ended up decreasing too much towards the end, but then kittens have very pointy tails so I thought it would be fine!

My own lovely cat is very weak and has started coughing, which is a bad sign as it means fluid is probably starting to build up in his lungs, I spend a lot of time checking to see if he's still breathing, which is not very relaxing.
He's searching out every bit of sunshine he can find.

Here he is snoozing on the window sill - he can't quite be bothered to fit all of himself behind one blind as he's so long, and you can just see his black nose in the gap underneath.


  1. Thanks for the link to the crochet cat. I have a little granddaughter I'm certain would love one :-) Give a big hug to your pussy from me. It's so awful watching them when unwell.
    A x

  2. Hello Louisa,

    Your crochet kitten is lovely, you've made a fantastic job of it. I hope you found the pattern straight forward.

    Sorry to hear about your poorly kitty. We lost our 19 year old cat just over a year ago. It's heartbreaking to see them poorly but you have to think of the lovely life they've had and all the hugs and cuddles he's enjoyed over the years. I'm sure you'll have time to give him lots more.

    Fi x

  3. Forgot to tell you how much I liked your felted holly note book. Beautiful.


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