Friday, 16 July 2010

Vintage summery china

Ages ago I showed off my e-bay Colclough china purchase in this post, and said I was collecting more - and finally I've managed to post some photos.
It was a very bright sunny day when I took these, it's grey now!
I'm really not normally a flowery person as I said before, but when I saw on my e-bay travels that the design with the gold bands and wavy edges seemed to come in several pastel colours with and without various floral designs I just had to get a mixture.

I've seen that there's a pale green with tiny forget-me-nots on as well as the pale blue one I've got, but that was in the 'sold' listings, so I'll have to keep looking.
So what I need now is a group of friends to come round for a civilised tea-party with scones and jam and sponge cake - and a bit of sunshine!


  1. They're lovely! You're correct--you just need that tea party now. I have visions of slender, perfectly coiffed ladies in summery dresses now...which lets me out, never mind I'm across the Atlantic. LOL.

    Sometimes I see a lovely piece of china in Value Village, but then I always think where would I put it and would I use it, and so I always pass on the item. My tiny townhouse hasn't room for the stuff I have as it is!

    I hope you are doing well...Sending much Light to you and kitty kisses to Archie.

  2. We agree! High Tea with all the fun stuff, and your beautiful china.
    Can we wear hats? I've never owned a hat. Now, if I can get across the Atlantic without having to fly coach...

  3. So pretty - and yes you definately need a tea party now!

  4. Oh I'd come to your tea party with such pretty china! bet the sandwiches have the crusts cut off too!

  5. WOW!! These are beautiful finds on ebay! How amazing!! And you have now a full set for a very lovely tea party!!! I hope the weather holds out for such a celebration!! It's been very windy and a bit rainy but inbetween the sun's been very good!!

    Enjoy your tea party - you need to christen that lovely set you have!!!

    Take care

  6. Wonderful china :) and yes, I hope the weather will be good too, maybe not as hot as here ;) it would be perfect to have a great tea party with cakes and sandwiches..wouldn't mind to join ;)
    Take care,

  7. Mmmm ... cucumber sandwiches and cream scones for me please.
    Very pretty china - such a delicate design.
    Love Kathy xxx

  8. I would love to pop round for some tea! :-) Your china is gorgeous!

  9. Very lovely china there - oohh now cream and scones - if only we could all just hop through our screens I would be there right now!

  10. That is so pretty - it brightens up this damp Saturday!

  11. I like your China. I collect tea cups and have several mini sets of China.


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