Friday, 9 July 2010

Felt pebbles without real heavy pebbles

I've been making felt-covered real pebbles for a long time, to use as paperweights, but was recently contacted by a lady interested in lightweight felt pebbles to replace some ornamental rocks belonging to a friend of hers.
She'd asked for a mixture of colours rather than just greys, with something that represented the striations in rock- so I tipped out all my colours and put some greys and purples together, and made each one wrapped with some white silk - I used the cut-off edges of silk mawata squares but I'm sure strands would have been easier and worked just as well. It took ages to build up the layers of felt for the larger ones as they shrink down so much but I always enjoy a challenge!
Here's the first set I did.

Having sent my customer some photos, she then asked for a few more larger ones as well. I'd just about reached my limit of size by wrapping wool, so off I went to the chemist for some bath sponges, which I hoped I could cut into shape as a base, then I just wrapped the tops round it.

The largest one was quite a challenge as it ended up SO large I couldn't keep hold of the layers as I wrapped,

so it ended up being pretty loose and took ages to felt as I had to make sure I didn't rush it and crease it.
But in the end I'd got a good range of sizes and off they went in the post this week. Archie helped with the packing up.

I wish I'd been able to get a photo of when he stuffed most of himself head first into the envelope. He'd been trying to run off with any available pebbles for ages so I'm very relieved they're safely in the post - I'm hoping they'll be just right for my customer's friend!


  1. Wow!!! These are just brilliant!! I'm in AWE!!! Oh I'm sure your friend will LOVE these - they're amazing and very pretty - well done you. I never knew bath sponges could be so helpful!! Amazing.

    Archie is just adorable - what a sweet little helper he is!

    take care

  2. They're lovely! I'm sure she'll be thrilled with them.

    That large one really is huge! Can't even fathom the work it took to make it, never mind the smaller ones.

    Kudos to you!

    And I see how Archie is "helping" with the packing. :-P

  3. Those pebbles look so lovely - I just want to touch them!!! Hope your day is getting brighter by the minute!

  4. Those are gorgeous, I bet yout customer loves them.

  5. They look fab, I think you should make Archie one now as he helped you with packing.

  6. :) these pebbles are really amazing...they look so real and the colours you chose are just wonderful, so brilliant!
    You're really talented, but I bet everyone tells you this ;)

    p.s.:thank you for being such a great friend, a lovely follower and a kind and devoted reader of my blog, will never thank you enough!

  7. Am looking up how to make felt pebbles after seeing the work of Dianne Standen in the English Lake District (look her up she makes some wow stuff!). Very interested to read your ideas and will take heed about cats stealing felt pebbles!

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