Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Archie's summer afternoon

Here I am today relaxing at the back of my garden.

But I do have a gate into a very large field - perhaps it's time to be brave and explore.

It's MUCH bigger than my garden.

Look, my people are playing with their new toy - a flying disc.

May I come and play too?
You are a long way away.

Now I'm here, surely you'd love to play with me instead? I'm sure I'm irresistable upside-down.

Now I have to go and hunt down a leaf, excuse me.

Person number two. Will you please throw my leaf for me? And stroke my fluffy tummy again while you're there.

Even better than a leaf - a lovely feather.

Will you throw my feather for me so I can jump and chase it?

That's quite enough running and jumping around, I'll have a rest now and chew my feather in peace. You can go back to your game now.


  1. Archie! What a wonderful adventure. You are a very brave boy to go exploring. We love the picture of you sauntering across the field to your Person.

    And we would like to say that you are growing up to be a very handsome PantherCat...hubba hubba!

  2. I loved this post - what a brave thing for Archie to do! The much loved cat we once had, would never have had the confidence to walk right out in the open - she always clung to the edges.
    Isn't he growing into a handsome boy!

  3. Oh Archie, you did have an adventure today. you made lots of friends too!

  4. Archie, what a wonderful day you had! Not only a lovely garden, but a HUGE field to play in, with your humans to give you attention and keep an eye on you. Wow, you are a lucky kitty!

  5. Awwww Archie!! You are so adorable!! Me and Charlie love your great big green garden!! What a lovely place for you to explore! And great that your people were there to throw that leaf and feather for you! We hope they stroked your floofy tummy too! Sometimes you really have to not only tell the hoomans what to do but show them what needs doing! It's hard work but worth it in the end!!

    We hope you had a good rest after all that activity!!

    Take care sweet Archie and a big hello to your lovely mum!


  6. Archie really is the cutest little cat!!! How lovely that he has such a big field to explore and so many people to love him! :-)


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