Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Remembering Newton

Now it's getting a bit warmer I've been going out into the garden more and hanging the washing on the line - and that takes me right next to the place where we buried Newton.

I had such a terrible dilemma about what to do with him - cremation is now a very plausible option for a beloved pet, and we have an excellent crematorium nearby which came highly recommended by a friend. Of course the decision is an immensely personal one, and I think if there had just been me to consider I would have taken this option, because I didn't want to leave Newton behind if and when we ever move house and I felt I needed more time with him close by. But son no. 2 was particularly distressed at the thought of cremation, and we do have two of our other cats buried here. So as we were running out of time we took the decision to bury Newton too.
This we had to do in the dark and in the snow late one evening the week he died, as it needed to be a private family event and we had my in-laws coming to stay the next day. In fact the stillness of the evening and the blanket of snow made it perhaps a more special time. He is buried in his favourite outdoor place - he used to curl up and sleep there in the summer, flattening the long grass into a perfect circle in our wild-flower patch.

I had his name inscribed on a large pebble,

and this I found really helpful as it can stay on his grave for as long as we are here, but if we do move I can take the pebble with me as a memorial for him in our new home. I'm hoping to get similar ones inscribed for our previous cats too so we can do the same with theirs. It came from a place called Letterfest which I'd found a while ago, they found me a larger pebble specially.

This week I moved some of my snowdrops and crocuses to just around the pebble - the lovely clear bright white and purple catches the light, I can see them from the kitchen even though it's a long garden, and they'll come up every year. I'll try to find some other bulbs to plant too, perhaps something that flowers in the summer and autumn too. They'd need to be taller to be seen in the longer grass and be able to cope with being a bit dry - if any of you have any ideas of what might be suitable I'd be grateful to hear them!


  1. We lost our gorgeous dog Ernie a couple of years ago and oh my goodness is it distressing. He had been with us when we bought our first house, got married and had children and then he was gone. What a fantastic idea about the pebble, we have several pets buried in our garden and my eldest knows where every one is buried even though there are no markings so I may have to look into the pebble idea myself.

  2. Awwww - I do love his pic - especially his "smudged" nose - very unusual!

    What a lovely thought for your sweet Newton. The pebble is just perfect and blends in so well with your gorgeous crocuses and snowdrops too. I'm thinking of alliums and/or lillies - they're very reliable and quite tall and definitely lovely summer bulbs. I made the mistake of planting them in pots that were not big enough and had to stake them as they flopped everywhere!

    Take care

  3. That's a lovely spot for Newton and the inscribed rock is perfect.

    I wish I had more of Chumley left, though of course it would be of his body, not what made him "Chumley," his spirit/soul. I think when my current Cats pass (and I beseech Goddess Bast that it be a long time yet), I will have them cremated and with me, or perhaps buried in a special little pouch or box. I think I'd rather have them with me, though, so that when I'm cremated, their ashes go with me too.

    Lots of (((hugs))) to you!

  4. Oh, your post made me close to tears .... shades of Marley and Me. I think it's lovely to have your pets at home and wish we'd done it many years ago when we lost our beloved cat Vember and our outrageous ChowChow, Holly.
    The pebble is just right!
    Love Kathy xxx

  5. I had the biggest lump in my throat reading your post. I think the pebble and flowers and are just beautiful and serene.
    I know the dilemma about burying or cremating, I have the same issues with my own body, but currently have the pets listed in my will. I have chosen to have them cremated if they pass before me, and then their ashes placed in my coffin with me, or if I go first, their ashes and urn is to be buried in my plot with me. I couldn't bear to be apart from them, in this life or the next.

  6. I am so sorry about your gorgeous Newton kitty. It is always so difficult to lose a beloved pet. I have a lump in my throat from reading your post.

    I like the rock you had inscribed.

    We were so sad when we lost our dear yellow boy just before Thanksgiving. Now we have two new kitties, adopted from the shelter, and they fill our lives with so much laughter.

  7. The rocks a lovely idea, when our cats died we buried one, as my dh couldn't leave him at the vets and the other one we had an individual cremation and his ashes were buried along side buddy. It is so nice to know that they are both at home where they belong. I might look into the rock idea.


    PS thanks for following my blog

  8. What a lovely way to remember Newton. We have two cats and a rabbit buried in our garden - our elderly black cat is buried where our bird table now stands (she loved making noises at the birds!), our feisty ginger cat is buried underneath what is now a thriving holly bush, near where he used to lurk ready to pounce on other cats visiting the garden, and my daughter's darling bunny is buried close to the vegetable patch! It's by far the hardest part of having pets that you love so much! Rebecca x

  9. I like those etched rocks. I'll have to check into that...

  10. What a lovely way to remember Newton. I love the little plot he has and what a sensitive way to remember him. My boy Bob is buried in the garden, in the wild part where he use to sleep.

  11. Hello. I would give anything to be able to make felt like you do. Fancy running a workshop in my dream shop??? Ha HA!! Wouldn't that be lovely.


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