Friday, 26 March 2010

Approaching Easter

The sun was out this morning and it was so lovely to see it illuminating some green shoots in the garden. And the kitchen looked like Spring had finally arrived as I had put out my Easter decorations earlier in the week.

I put out far less than usual because of Archie! He's already broken a couple of (real, painted by me!) eggs and run off with a chicken,

and as for my string of tulips we didn't even get to the hanging stage.

I hang the decorations on twigs from the garden that I painted white a long time ago. Cats have snapped bits off during the years but there are still just about enough to hold the eggs and chickens. I love the feathery fluffy chickens:

but OH hates them with a passion!

In honour of Rocky-Doodle-Doo at felters journey here are my silly cockerels!

Archie likes to play with them too.

A friend took me shopping last week and I finally found what I have been looking for (in John Lewis): a dotty jug to exactly match the kitchen - now I've found it I will ask for more as presents in different sizes because the colour is just perfect.

I've always wanted a life that involves a proper milk jug too, but that means I have to slow down enough to pour the milk into the jug and bother to put it on the table (and the table usually has felt all over it, not breakfast!)

It's been a very busy week and OH has a new job which involved a very tiring day of interviews yesterday, so tonight I have lit my candles and am having a glass of wine to celebrate making it to Friday!

Have a good weekend everybody!


  1. Oh wow!

    What a lovely, lovely, lovely Easter display! I love the fluffy chickens! They make the twigs they hang on interesting! And your cockerels are far from silly! They're gorgeous and so red and I love the detail!!

    Everything looks so, so, so lovely! Happy Easter!!!

    So glad Archie is getting into the spirit of things! LOL! He is utterly adorable esp looking up at you from the string of tulips (how perfect is that? a string of tulips!).

    I feel all Easterly now looking at your gorgeous display!

    Thank you!

    Take care and happy Easter and have a lovely weekend! Oh and congrats to OH with the new job! Yay!


  2. I second everything "old kitty" has said above. I too feel in the Easter spirit now after seeing your lovely decorations. I've never thought to decorate Easter, but what a lovely idea.

  3. Oh Archie! :-)
    My cats are doing the same thing. They attacked all the ornaments on the tree during Christmas. They attacked the valentine hearts my sister sent to me. And now they are going after the Easter bunnies! :-) I think one of them has something in her mouth right now, because I can hear her making her "I caught a mouse" meow. What a good hunter she is... however I really want my decorations left in one piece.

  4. I will paint you a bird with pleasure xx
    can you email me your add xx

    xx sam xx

  5. Oh Archie, what a scamp you are. I do hope you leave some of mummy's gorgeous bits alone so we can all enjoy them.
    A x

  6. A lovely Easter display and your little jug is lovely. I broke my breakfast milk jug last week. I quite fancy a little dotty one too!

  7. :o) Well Rocky-Doodle-Do is VERY honored!

    I LOVE your cockerels & all of your decorations look lovely. Sounds like Archie is really enjoying them too lol

    Have a good & hopefully relaxing weekend

  8. I love your display even if mischief Archie got his little paws on some of it :-) Good luck to your hubby on his new job :-) Ooh that milk jug is just lovely, I could do with one of them as it may make me pour milk into a cup properly then (I managed to pour milk into my coffee jar and not my mug yesterday morning - think I need a rest lol).

  9. My o/h doesn't get easter trees either - his comment yesterday 'What is that twig thing?'


  10. Hello, just found you and Archie, He is lovely.
    Happy Easter..x

  11. a wonderful work, dear!!!
    The decos are wonderful, I love them! And Archie loves them too, I can see it!
    Have a happy and lovely Easter, you and yours.
    Can't wait to read more of your blog,


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