Sunday, 7 March 2010

Archie's Diary no.4

It's been a few weeks since I told you how I was getting on - there's so much happening and I've been doing LOTS of growing.

This is my squeaky mouse - he came from my first home, my mum doesn't like him as he is meant to sound like a real mouse. Dying presumably. I love him.

I'm still very sweet but also have wild times when I charge around the house very fast and hop sideways all bushy with a big puffed-up tail - my mum says I look very silly. It's not polite when people laugh at you.

As you know, my mum was a bit worried about the lump I had on my side, so a while ago now I had to go and see the vet to ask her what she thought. She was the one who stuck a needle in me last time, so I wasn't sure I wanted to see her again. She said she thinks I am swollen up when she put the needle last time, and hopes that the swelling will soon go down as she thinks my body is reacting to my vaccinations. My mum felt mainly better about this, but hopes this will not make me react badly in the future.

I had to have the second half of my vaccinations, and as soon as the vet tried to hold me I ran away, so she had to get another lady to help. When the vet gave me my injection I bit the other lady, but afterwards she and I had a nice cuddle, and then I had a nice cuddle with the vet. She was the same vet lady who looked after Newton (and drove him 20 miles to the heart specialist on her day off) and she said to my mum and dad how lovely he was, and how he was so good-natured during all his treatment.

I am not going to be good natured during any treatment at the vets, I have already decided.

I'm grown-up enough to assist with making the coffee now, here you can see I'm supervising to make sure it's all done properly.

I am also helping with the cooking by climbing up onto my mum's shoulder, wobbling about precariously and peering a bit over the cooker to see what's in the pans. I'm very keen on climbing and can haul myself up on the cooker to get on the work-surface - my mum says I will get my paws burnt this way and must find another way up.

I think people make great ladders, but my mum and dad don't agree.

I've found some great things on the work-surface - here's a nice plant with traily bits:

Whoops, I may have broken it just a little bit:

I've also broken into the forbidden kitchen cupboard under the sink:

I got right down the gap at the back, but then I got out by myself.

My dad has a magnetic catch to fix on it now as I'd like to go in the gap again, every day, and scrabble at the cupboard a lot trying to get in.

I still sleep with my mum and dad and behave very well, but when I wake up I'm SO excited to see everybody that I still charge around pouncing on noses - I can build up quite a speed and charge very fast straight for them - my dad isn't very happy about this and grumbles a bit. My mum just hides her face under the quilt. I get in the bed then and pounce on my tail - then someone gets up and gives me breakfast.

I do love to help my mum get dressed in the mornings - she can't manage properly by herself. Tights, jumper sleeves, skirts, trouser legs, underwear - you name it I can grab hold of it and try and run away with it. She says it's getting a little bit frustrating every morning to have to unhook my claws from everything as she puts it on.

Time to go and do more climbing. See you soon.


  1. Archie, how lovely to get an update from you! You certainly *are* growing very quickly, losing your tiny baby appearance and looking very sleek. We can well imagine you're a handful! Good for you for biting the other lady--presumably vet tech--while in for your vaccinations. Heh. Keep up the good work of exploring. Remember to challenge your humans daily--it helps to keep their feeble minds stimulated.

  2. hi Archie!!! You're growing so quickly and you are mastering your explorer techniques!
    I can't wait to read more of you!!
    :) Have a nice week Archie,

  3. Archie, I would like for you to meet Natasha, your twin cat (in color and personality) who lives here at my house. Yes, her name is Natasha, but is more commonly referred to as "naughty cat!".

  4. I like how Archie's decided to never be good natured at the vets. Having had 3 dogs who had to be forcibly dragged along the shiny vet's floor on the end of their leads only to sit in the waiting room trembling so much, that it looked like epilepsy (the dogs, not me), it's now quite bizarre to have a large dog who pulls me into the vets very excited (again, him, not me -it's far too expensive a trip for me to get excited)leaping around and cocking his leg up their displays. And I thought Laboradors were supposed to be intelligent!

  5. Hello!

    I just wanted to say thankyou for your lovely messages about my toys!!
    Really very kind of you xx
    I'm thinking of setting up as shop but I am a bit nervous!!

    Bye for now
    Love Sam xx

  6. Also...your dear Sweet Kitty is just adorable xx

  7. meow!You look so wonderfurr Archie, you're a purrfect mancat-to-be!
    Can't wait for you to join our team of mancats!
    purrs from Chocolate & the purrfect team =^-^=

  8. Oh Archie, I laughed so loud when I saw your first picture of you peeking behind the door. I think you are a wonderful little boy full of personality, and look forward to reading your diary. I know humans don't like naughtiness but your ARE A CAT and that makes you entitled to be a "bit" naughty sometimes. As for the vet and the needle, all I can say is ... what out for the thermometer!!

  9. Ha Ha!! Thank you for your comment on my blog. For the very same reason I am thinking of investing in a laptop. You certainly LOOK loads younger then me!!

    It was the turn of my sister (Ashley's Mum) for a crochet lesson. Different story all together. It was a challenging evening!!

  10. Hello Archie, we enjoyed so much your adventures in the house. You are so sweet. Mostly we like the picture on your moms shoulders watching her cooking.
    Have fun!

  11. That's a very complete report, Archie! My, you really are growing up quickly:)

  12. :-D Archie
    Hi :-) I have received an award and would like to pass it on to you.
    I am sorry it comes with a lot of work to pass it on but I could not ignore the award
    from a blog friend who means well in giving it to me as I do to you
    best regards Juliet.

  13. Hi Archie. I'm a bit late in finding your latest update. I think we must have been away in London when you uploaded it. You are such a lovely little cat now and it's really lovely to see what a good helper you are becoming round the house.
    Can you pass a message on to your mummy to say thanks for dropping in on my blog and reassure her that when my goody parcel arrived I had rung my big sister before I blogged about it and she is coming here today for a fun afternoon to enjoy her share of the chocolate :-) I would rather give her it all than take anything from her as she is my bestest buddy in life :-)
    A x

  14. OMG!! That kitty's so adorable! But if I can give you some advice....keep her away from the coffee, I don't think she needs any caffeine!!!!


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