Sunday, 21 March 2010

Archie's New Toy

I've found this lovely new toy in the kitchen. I had to climb up my mum's legs to find it but once I got there it was great.
Splashy stuff comes out, I do like playing with it and don't mind even when my ears get wet.


  1. Archie, you are just too adorable! What a great "toy" you have discovered, and we're very impressed you don't mind getting your ears wet. Tell your human mum those are lovely photos and our human is curious to know what that frame or walkway is outside the window!

  2. Don't show him how to use the taps if you are on a water meter :-) My friend was on a meter and got a huge bill, couldn't work out why until she caught her pet goat turning on the garden tap to have a drink, he obviously didn't know how to turn it off lol

  3. Ah bless :o) love the photos of Archie - I remember our cat doing that with the bathroom tap! His sister was far too curious a kitten, she decided to investigate the loo and fell down it! We heard this pitifull meowing and found her sitting in the bottom of the toilet soaking wet, unable to get out. Toilet seat down from then on, although I dont think she would of gone down it a 2nd time anyway :o)

    The goat story is too funny! (apart from the big bill of course) would of loved to see that

  4. Oh Archie you are just adorable. You are so photogenic. I would get nothing done if you were mine :-)
    A x

  5. Love the goat story. We're not on a meter!

    Archie has fallen down the toilet too but only got his tail and bottom wet and managed to climb out by himself. I felt it was too humiliating to subject him to having his picture taken at the time.

    Kim the structure you can see is sadly just our very ancient car-port with some trellis on it - when we moved-in 13 years ago the survey said it should be demolished, along with the timber garage it joins onto. Our dream is indeed to demolish both and build in their place a beautiful 'garden room' for us grown-ups to escape to, full of comfy chairs, books, fluffy blankets, lovely restful decor and peace and quiet - and a tiny kitchen and small wood-burning stove. (If you're going to dream you might as well dream of the whole lot!) My alternative dream is to have a felting studio all of my own! Sadly neither of these will become reality, although the buildings may well fall down by themselves given a couple more years. Up until last year we had a wisteria trailing over the trellis but it just died so I shall have to find another pretty climber this year.

    It is indeed very hard to get anything done with such a lovely kitten around needing a stroke and a cuddle! He's been such a good little companion even if he does need a lot of attention - he's learning to watch rather than join in with everything though so life is getting slightly easier!

  6. oooo too precious!
    now as for the atmosphere in my house...the reality is thats its not all shabby chic and crafting..My husband plays noisy computer games..which I join in with from time to time...I never feel like my house is clean or nice enough...and I always think its messy. I hate cooking, and try to avoid the kitchen, but its hard when I do most of the cooking! I try to squeeze in as much sewing and making as I can...but I think I may have run out of steam at the mo, which is ok as Miss Sue is on my lap and I can't do a thing!

    Thankyou for stopping by my blog..its such a boost to read encouraging messages!! xx

    sam xx

  7. That is cute! He found out a great new toy!
    We had a neighboring cat which came to visit us every day. He was wild with water. He played with my son in the bathtube one day . Our other cats love to play with the water in the pond.
    I can understand your dream of the gardenroom. We have a ancient carport like yours too...
    What do you think about Clematis to climb on the trellis .It is fast growing. We have a hydrangea climbing on the ugly wooden building.It looks good but unfortunately it is growing slowly.

  8. I just love Archie and all his adventures around the house. :-) too funny about the toilet! And the goat!

  9. Oh he is so gorgeous! what a cute little face and I know my Lucy loves to sit in the bathroom sink to have a drink from the tap too.

  10. Archie, you adorable lil kitty!!! What a wonderful toy you've found! And what 's that splashy thing that comes out?! And where does it all go?!?! :-) I'm so glad mum made a handy ladder for you to discover such a mysterious treasure! I hope you have hours and hours and hours of fun with that splashy shiny thing!

    You are such a sweetheart!

    Take care

  11. Oh those photos are so cute. I wouldn't get a thing done if I had Archie around the house.

    My mother in law's cat used to lie in the bath (empty) and play with the plug. He would also crawl under the rug and go to sleep, so you could just see a big lump in the middle of the floor.

    Love Kathy xxx

  12. Oh Archie, you brighten up my day!
    I read my blogs first thing every morning, and you almways make me start my day with a smile.
    If I could post a hug I would squeeze you to pieces and smother you with kisses.

  13. Love that 2nd photo of Archie. Unusual that a male shows interest in the kitchen sink!

  14. Oh Archie - what a cute kitten you are!

  15. archie is soooo cute that my face hurts now !!! awwww !


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