Friday, 10 September 2010

Ups and downs and being busy

It's proving to be one of those times when I feel like the days are slipping past and all muddling together, I'm sure most of us feel like that at busy times. I've sadly had much less time to post anything and I think may be entering a stage of life when that continues. Worse, I haven't been able to keep up properly with blogs I'm following, so I'm very sorry I haven't been able to comment as much as I'd like, it doesn't mean I don't care.

Lots has been happening here, not all good, but then not all bad either.

School has started again, we're back into routine, which is good, although it does bring some challenges. Son number one is now fifteen. As he is not the most organised person in the world I asked him to get EVERYTHING ready for his first day of school the night before. He said he had. At twenty past eight on the actual morning he told me he couldn't find his pencil case and that his shoe-lace had broken before the holidays. He also told me this morning he couldn't find his tie and he didn't want to use his spare one because he didn't like it any more because.......he had drawn a biro face on it last term.
I have spent half an hour today de-staining it, washing it and mending it.
Such are the joys of term-time!

Briefly, the 'downs' are that my 82 year-old mum has been undergoing tests all summer, we still don't know what's going on but there's some problem with her liver - so that's been a concern for a long time now. Her GP is one of my oldest and closest friends, and she's a thorough and excellent doctor, so she couldn't be in safer hands, but there's also a specialist involved who's still running more tests, so we're still waiting. We sadly lost my uncle, my mum's brother, last weekend too after a long illness which suddenly deteriorated, that's been distressing and more so as he lived in Canada and she couldn't go to the funeral or see him in his final days. So all in all she has needed to talk and be listened to more than normal, and is finding everything hard to take in. I'm an only child and we lost my dad a long time ago, so I need to make sure I'm available to support her even when I've got a long list of things to do. Usually she keeps busier than me with all her interests and groups - she's got a better social life than most teenagers, but right now she's not feeling well enough.

But there are 'ups' too - I've been making lots of things ready for the Wandsworth Artists' Open House event the first two weekends in October - I have an artist friend who opens her home and shows her paintings, and she shares the space with me and other artists too. Do download the leaflet and have a look through if you are anywhere nearby - it looks fantastic - so many different styles of art to see. I wish I could go myself as I want to see everybody else's work and meet all the other people involved - perhaps next year!

So I've made some more tea cosies as they were successful last year.

And lots and lots of flowers. And a few new bags.

This black one's got some sari silk incorporated into it and has come out really well. Always so hard to know what people will like but I'll send a selection.

Archie has been helping with my felt roses. First of all he helped by being beautiful and black and being a faithful companion.

But then temptation rather got the better of him:

After that he found I suggested he go out in the garden and play.

Archie scared us all to bits last Tuesday by completely disappearing from 6.30 in the morning till 8.30 at night - he's never been away for more than four hours before. I'd just printed out the first 50 'Our cat is missing please could you check your outbuildings' leaflets and had them in my hand ready to go out the door, when he trotted in calmly as if nothing had happened. And they say pets are supposed to reduce stress.


  1. So sorry to hear about your Mum - hope she feels better soon. You are the perfect example of the sandwich generation ... caring for your parent and your children No wonder you feel muddled. I completely understand your frustrations with your son ... mine was exactly the same when he was still at school.
    I think your felt work is beautiful ... but then you have Archie to help you!
    A big hug from Kathy xxx

  2. You're much too generous - maybe son no.1 should be destaining his own tie so he learns not to do that again? Good luck with Wandsworth x

  3. Wow what lovely makes, and Archie is just too cute (even if a bit of a mischief). Sorry to hear your Mum is not too well, the not knowing must be really draining. It sounds like she has a very loving daughter there for her. Make sure you take time for yourself aswell - it is all to easy to forget ourselves at times like that and then we become ill so take care. x

  4. (((Hugs))) and Light to you and to your mum. It's a huge stress/worry, I know.

    I agree with "tammy" in that your son can learn to de-stain his own ties. At 15 he's quite capable of doing it himself--all his laundry (and everyone else's) for that matter.

    Yet you've managed to be very productive during this time, making all these gorgeous pieces! Good for you!

    And Archie is your assistant, I see. He's very helpful, of course. LOL.

    BTW, pets are both my biggest joy and my biggest stress, without question! I'm glad he came home safe and sound!

  5. Oh big hugs to you!! I'm truly sorry for your loss of your uncle. Please accept my deepest and sincerest sympathies. I'm sorry to hear too that your wonderful mum is unwell. I have everything crossed for her. I completely understand that these are very stressful times for you as you're having to be the strong child and mum and wife. Please please take care and sometimes when it all gets a bit much it really is ok to just let rip too and get some me time if only for a few moments. Your health and well being is paramount too.

    These are lovely flowers, tea cosies and bags. Wow!!! This is such a lovely event btw - I have heard of it. I know I'll never get round to taking advantage of such events (like next week's open building/architecture event!) but I think it's a great way to showcase arts and crafts! GOOD LUCK!!!

    Awwwww sweet Archie! My goodness what a relief for you when he turned up - silly lovely cat!! Awwwww! Bless him!! He is lovely!!

    Take care

  6. Oh bless you. Life certainly throws everything all at once doen't it? Mine is very similar at the mo so maybe it's the time of year. Your felt creations are beautiful, as ever and I'm please to see Archie is being his usual helpful self ;-).
    Big hugs,
    A x

  7. Glad to hear that your Archie came back. He was just off on a secret adventure. He looks just like my Natasha kitty.
    Sorry to hear about your uncle. Hugs to you.
    And I will be thinking of your Mum as she waits to hear what is going on with her liver.
    This is for sure a tough time...I am right where you are, so I totally understand. Our aging parents need us, our kids still need us, work needs us...
    Take care my friend.

  8. Sheesh! I'd be round the bend with all that going on. Still we all slog through, somehow...
    My sympathies for the loss of your Uncle, and {{hugs}} to your Mom. I too am an only and I dread my folks getting older and more frail. Fingers crossed that your Mom gets a diagnosis soon and many more years to enjoy her social folks are the same way! They have more fun than me, how unfair. LOL.
    Archie is getting SO big! What a naughty puss to disappear like that...he probably found a good place to snooze and that was that. Send him out a little peckish and perhaps he'll stick closer to home.

  9. Oh dear, you really are having a rough time. Im really sorry to hear about your your mums illness and the loss of your uncle. Very difficult for your mum not being able to go say goodbye...that must of been very stressfull for both of you.

    Your felt is gorgeous as always! Good luck at the art sale, I hope yous sell loads!

    Archie is a darling handsome boy...glad he wasnt lost.

    Look after yourself! Try not to get run down with all the worry & running round.

  10. Oh, really sorry for your mother, but I am sure things will get better soon.
    And what about Archie? Is he just as naughty as Chocolate, the other day he disappeared for almost 1 day, and we were waiting for him in tears- he never disappeared!But he came back, with that cute innocent muzzle, as if he wanted to say" what are you looking at?I'm old enough to go out alone!" hehehe :)

    Wonderful work,keep it up


  11. I'm so very sorry to hear about your uncle passing, and your mum being ill. I hope that she gets better, and not only is she in good hands with her GP but also by having you as her daughter. I know it can be very draining but hang in there, hopefully things will turn around soon. They say "swings and roundabouts".
    Your flowers are beautiful and I wish you luck at Wandsworth.
    And, I know what you mean about animals supposedly de-stressing us ... I stress more about my furr-children than anything else!!!!


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