Sunday, 19 September 2010

Cat Yoga

I can only assume someone has been teaching Archie some kind of strange yoga pose for relaxation, because look how he is lying. Surely this must be one of the most odd arrangements of cat limbs ever, how can he stretch his little tummy round that much? He really is very bendy.

He has lost none of his longing to sleep on my laptop, as you can see - since I've been told laptops get rid of significant amounts of heat through the keyboard, it doesn't seem like a good idea to be insulating it with all that black fluff, however comfy he is. He always knows I'm going to ask him to move.

We lost him for a bit yesterday, he's so black it's impossible to spot him in dark corners, but I'd looked everywhere and thought he must have somehow got out. Then I found him, fast asleep and curled up, in here:

Obviously he got up when I got the camera out.
This is not good - he's never got right in before and slept- I often put a load of clothes in and leave the door open while I scour the house for odd socks to top it up, throw them in, slam the door and start the cycle. This would be a disaster if he sneaked in for a nap in the meantime, so I've had to put a note on the machine saying 'Check for cat'.

Must show you this last photo, I promise it is absolutely and completely genuine. Last week I left my laptop on the kitchen table to go and make a drink, and when I got back, Archie had renamed one of my folders with his little toes. All by himself. He obviously didn't think much of the contents.


  1. He's obviously a very talented cat!
    Love Kathy xxx

  2. Oh wow!! Oh beautiful Archie!!! Look at your amazingly stretchy limbs!! I'm still scraping my jaw off the floor at your fabulous sleeping pose!! Good grief!!! That's got to be a guinness book of record entry - surely!!! The bendiest kitty ever. Wow!!!

    LOL!! Oh Archie you silly thing sleeping in the washing machine - oh you hear stories don't you but I'd not have believed it until I see this. Archie, Archie, Archie!!

    Oh my but you are so clever typing that word!! LOL!! Awwww what was in the folder?!?! I hope you are now safe and bendy and asleep on your fave bed that's in the shape of a laptop! :-)

    Take care

  3. lol Archie is such a little character, you could write kiddies books about him! What was in that folder, something about how to remove cats from laptops or keep them away from felt ?

  4. Hahahahaha! Archie, you are quite the bendy-cat. Really amazing. You also have an interesting choice for folder names! Must have been "garbage" in there, huh? :-)

  5. Oh my goodness! On those first couple of pictures it took me a moment to make heads or tails of all of his parts! What a funny cat he is!

  6. Oh to be able to bend like Archie!
    Lucy is so glad this weekend because we have put the heating on-we found her in one of her winter spots today-on the spare bedroom windowsill above a hot radiator.
    They know where all the hot spots are!

  7. Awww Archie you're just too cute!And sweet!
    :) You know, Chocolate sleeps and likes to stay on my pc as well and no way, he won't move from there :)

  8. Archie just makes me laugh so much, he really is quite a character. I agree with Scented Sweetpeas he should be the central character in a children's book. Your life is obviously never dull with Archie around!

  9. We are of the opinion that Archie's entire spine is double-jointed! Even as Cats, the third pose looks unobtainable.

    POO!! Archie, we salute your typing talents. The best we ever manage is ffii4jhfkeiiiiii.

  10. What a brilliant post. I really love your Archie and watching what he gets up to. Thanks for sharing it. Big hugs [for Archie of course]
    A x

  11. Gdy patrzę na twojego kota, przypomina mi się mój Miau- Misiek. Bardzo mi go brak. Cieszę się, że ty masz do kogo się przytulić.

  12. Thanks for the comment. I know what you mean about more time less done! Archie is amazing! Love that last bit. Thank goodness he hasnt mastered email yet!!

  13. Hello! We saw your comment at Katnip Lounge and had to pop over for a visit. Archie is one flexible kitty!! And talented at typing obviously. . . . LOVE it! I got my laugh for the day. :D

  14. Archie was obviously a yoga teacher in a previous life, one with toilet humour of course. Him being so black and being hard to find reminded me of the Winnie the Witch story about her very black cat disappearing in her very black house.
    Ali x

  15. I came to look at your felting (which is lovely btw) and stayed to read all about your cat. Archie reminds me of my Slinky Malinky when she was younger. Pure black at birth now in her old age she is fading to brown.

  16. Another visitor who came for the felt but stayed for the cat! Our Lila looks a lot like Archie, same green eyes. She's also a bit of a contortionist (although nothing like some of the pics above!) and also loves the laptop, being a bit of a heat-seeking cat. Am going to click that "Archie" tag now to see some more photos!


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