Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Sculpture in the Garden.

We live not far from Leicester in the Midlands, and a few years ago I discovered that they have a sculpture exhibition in the Botanical Gardens each summer - we've been every year since. The sculpture above is called 'Souls'.

I love the Botanical Gardens - beautiful trees and plants, a real escape from the hustle-and-bustle of the city centre, and totally free to get in. I sometimes catch a bus there and sit with a book and read, it's like an oasis of calm in a busy life.

It's also about the only time I ever read apart from when I'm on holiday!

I also love sculpture, and particularly in the setting that a large garden offers, where you can see the light changing all the time and wander along coming across new pieces round each corner.
This year there were lots of sculptures, this one was my favourite - obviously as we're all so different we all are drawn to particular styles and make a connection with perhaps just a few pieces.

It's called 'Hold me Close', there was something about the intense expression, desperately needing to be held, that I found very powerful.

Here are a couple of others I liked.

This one is called 'Tree of Hope'.

These were beautiful transluscent coloured glass, but I couldn't get the sun to shine through them while we were there!

There's also a beautiful tranquil pool:

There's my OH sitting at the far end. There were some clever but not pretty large white flowers all made out of plastic bags, and a very bright bronze man you can just see, but I preferered the reflections.

There are always some flowers around and places to sit,

if your sons don't want to go home as soon as possible after you've dragged them round.


  1. Oh, what a fabulous, FABULOUS spot! I'd love to spend a day there, wandering around with my camera, or just sitting quietly and experiencing the serenity. I particularly like the Tree of Hope. :-)

  2. It is so peaceful, and I completely forgot to mention the black cats that live there! We weren't lucky enough to meet one this time but have seen them before - as it's a University department there are staff there constantly to look after the cats as well as the plants!

  3. Great photos - I love the "Hold me close" sculpture. Thanks for your comment about the blog award - Wipso and I try hard to be positive thinkers - Its a much better way to get through life - I think!

  4. What a fantastic spot to have close by to visit...for free! How nice is that?

    In re of your "hormonal" comment...just wait for menopause! Such Fun (not!). If it's up & down like you describe I know there are some things that help, St John's Wort, Evening Primrose oil that you could try.

  5. Oh wow! What amazing sculptures in a fabulous setting - and it's FREE!! That's just brilliant! And look how well looked after these gardens are.

    I adore your selections - you are so right about the "Hold me close" sculpture - I can see the instensity in the very simply drawn face.

    Oh but I do like those bronze statue people - there's two amongst the transluscent glass and the one by the flowers made out of plastic! Wow. It's a brilliant exhibition - they complement the surrounding and the flora and fauna.

    I'd love to touch "souls"!!

    Thank you so much for sharing these pics - I hope you all return soon! Take care

  6. What a great place to visit. I like the hold me close sculpture too, but also like the tree of hope. I can understand why you like to sit and just enjoy it.

  7. What a lovely place, I have been doing a bit of sculpture looking this week too!

  8. This is a beautiful garden. These sculptures are great. I´m really curious about these glass sculptures.
    Thanks for sharing!


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