Friday, 20 August 2010

How to make decisions.

Roll the dice. Definitely always time for a cup of tea. A friend gave me this years ago and I found it at the back of my cupboard recently - it would be a great idea if you could personalise it for particular people.
Sadly there is no 'cake' or 'chocolate' option, or 'stroke cat' - I'll show you the others:
No thank you, I don't really iron.

What kind of shopping? Clothes/shoes shopping?

Only if it's cake.

Perhaps later.

Perhaps tomorrow, but I think cleaning's over-rated.

There doesn't seem to be one either for 'pull hair out whilst trying to re-format website', which is what I've been doing for a few weeks now. I'd been meaning to re-do photos for ages and have had a new layout sketched out for over a year, but have been battling with website-composing software versus Internet Explorer (which most people use but we don't - we use Mozilla Firefox because I live with a man who dislikes Microsoft intensely). To cut a long story short the different browsers read some website pages differently meaning that just as I thought I'd finished and published it all I re-checked it on Internet Explorer (had to use sons' computers - they came with it) and everything was all out of line. Thankfully the man who dislikes Microsoft also won't be beaten by a computer and eventually sorted it all, but it has taken SO much longer than I thought, not perfect by any means but better than it was. Wouldn't it be great to just be able to make things and have someone else do all the computer stuff and sales - I think it's rare to find crafting people who really enjoy selling, it's usually more about the making!

And so finally I've been able to get back to felting - tea cosies this week - they are drying on top of the boiler very high up. All felt, whether wool tops in plastic bags, pre-felt, wet felt, drying felt or finished felt, has to be stored on the top of cupboards out of reach of the cat - Archie is obsessed with clawing it and running off with it in his mouth. We keep finding bits under our bed which he's stolen. Last week after I'd re-photographed some of my felt notebooks I came down the next morning to find he'd chewed his way into the box they were in and taken three out and dragged one of them off into his cardboard box to play with, where I have to say it was looking very sorry for itself with puncture marks in the pages and cover. It's not for sale now. Newton never touched the felt, he just stole food - aren't cats funny, and all different?

Elsewhere the garden is still producing, though I'm waiting for my very large Brandywine tomatoes to ripen.

I started them off really early (for me) but I don't think it's been sunny enough here. The courgettes are busily trying to secretly turn into marrows while we're not looking - this photo was taken a couple of weeks ago.

The basket's now sitting in my kitchen full to the brim with much larger ones - just managed to sneak another two into our veggie mexican dinner but there are still so many.

As well as continuing to steal felt, Archie is really growing up and skips about the garden most of the day, very happy to be able to chase so many butterfies. If he runs out of energy he sleeps on the blanket in the old rabbit hutch (can you spot the feather?)

At night he curls up and mainly sleeps on our bed - he's started getting up for a little play with his feathers (if he can't find felt) in the middle of the night. He does like his feathers a lot - would you like to see where he's left them all?

Outside the back door.

By his food bowl.

By his cat tower with his other toys.

In our bedroom.

Under the bed- this one's for playing with in the middle of the night.

Of course boxes are good to play under/in too. With or without added felt.

Despite all the trouble he is, he is still of course my most favourite black cat in the whole world.


  1. Oh Well done for sorting out the Mozilla Firefox browser thingy complicated tech stuff!! :-)It's amazing how technology could really ruin one's day!! I mean you just want to do a+b=c but the tech side of things want you to do complicated algebra, trigonometry and hair pulling excercises before they even cooperate! oooh a plague on their houses!

    Aww but yay that you are getting to do more felt!! And surviving the Archie felt decimation! Oh he is ADORABLE!!! He really is a STAR and such a sweet and happy and lively and lovely and gorgeous happy, happy, happy kitty! Bless his free spirit!!

    I never thought I'd like marrows - oh but baked and smothered in butter... !! My goodness that's yummy!!! Your tomatoes ARE HUGE!! Ooo-er missus! LOL!

    That dice is great btw! I'd be rolling it out until I get the choice that I really want to do (shopping). :-)

    Have a lovely Friday!!! Hugs to Archie!! I can't wait to see where you'll find these feathers next...! :-)

    Take care

  2. I can't believe how much Archie has grown! He looks such a sweetheart.

    Glad you sorted out your website, it sounds as though it was lots of work - yawn yawn.

    Take care.


  3. I'm with your hubby, hate MS and use only Firefox. I used to do my own web sites, both for personal use and for work, and it was always h*ll to fiddle with design and code, trying to get it set up so it would look good in both browsers. Now, however, I just use the Google templates (modified a bit) for the blogs and they work in either, thanks to Google's code. Ditto for work: our University has a web template it prefers us all to use, though not every dept. is on board with it. I switched us over about a year and a half ago, so no more tweaking needed to code there either.

    Oh, isn't Archie naughty! He'd qualify for the "Naughty Kitty Club," and yes, there is one. :-)

    "Courgettes": We know them here in Canada as zucchini. When "Old Kitty" posted a recipe the other week, I actually had to Google "courgette," had never heard the word. Zucchini is bland on its own, but it's great to make zucchini loaf or toss it into a stir fry, etc. I hope your tomatoes ripen soon!

  4. BTW, the dice: Great idea! Only I want other options, as you do! And "cleaning" and "ironing" aren't on the list of desirable things to do. :-)

  5. I want to know what sick person designed that dice. It MUST have been a man from the 20th doesn't even have "blog" on it!
    Your garden veggies look absolutely scrumptious, and so does Archie! Please give him a big old *smooch* from me. The feather retrospective is hilarious...whereever does he find them all!?! Straight off the bird? LOL!

    BTW...are you feeling better? I hope the felting is a positive sign. You have to keep up with Archie's consumption, you know.

    MomKat Trish

  6. love that dice! gggrr websites, i have to rebuild a couple but am putting it off until I really have too :-) oohh Archie is a little mischief but very cute.

  7. I love your new web site! I was really impressed with the variety of items you are selling! Your felted vessels are so pretty. As far as rolling dice to make decisions....wouldn't that be nice if it was so easy?! And of course I have to laugh at that cat of yours. Love the picture of him sleeping in the hutch. What a rough life! :)

  8. Haha, I have one of these dice too, the trouble is it never actually helps me make any decisions as if I don't get the answer I wanted first time then I just keep rolling until I do! =S Love your blog by the way, just discovered and enjoying it lots! x

  9. Thank you for choosing to follow me back! x

  10. Funny dice! I guess you just have to roll again if cleaning and ironing come up.

  11. Oh, it's been such a looong time I haven't visited your wonderful blog darling!
    And how many updates!!!Archie does look wonderful..:) he's so sweet and just as skittish as Chocolate!
    :) By the way Chocolate loves feathers too and often I have to keep him away from poor birds who look for some fruit to eat on my trees..Poor them, he's such a naughty kitty!
    Love the new website, will have a look at it every now and then, take it for granted!!!
    :)And about the dice...I think I should have a similar one, but may I say I would prefer other options on its 6 sides? hehehe :)
    and last but not the least, I LOVE the veggies of your allotment...they look wonderfully healthy!!!


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