Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Felt Roses and a cat thief

There has been a lot of felt-making going on here recently, but very little completely finished yet. Here are my strips of felt ready to be made into rose brooches, I thought the colours just looked lovely together. I had another sackful of wool tops arrive last week and spent a very happy morning putting new colours together - I think it's my favourite part of the whole process and not nearly such hard work as the actual felting!
I've finished just a few brooches so far.

Archie has developed a real desire to hunt down felt items he can carry in his mouth and charge around with. He's quite determined about the whole operation. He's broken into two boxes now where I've been storing small felt things and has been doing it very secretly while we're in another room, but last night OH found him in the process of happily stealing one of the roses and managed to rescue it.

I've done a few more bags, they just need straps. I did finish one for a friend's birthday yesterday:

it's turned out a bit different from what she asked for, she wanted one with an asymmetric flap bit, like one I did ages and ages ago that she bought for one of her friends, but the way the band of colour migrated during felting meant the flap had to be symmetrical or it just would have looked odd. Luckily she still liked it. The colours are very vibrant blues and greens in the coloured band but try as I might I can't get good reproduction in a photo.

I've been busy bidding for more vintage china on e-bay and will post photos when it comes. It's a very addictive habit though, and I must stop soon!


  1. Beautiful bag. I love the ocean feel of the colours :)

  2. Lovely bag and the roses are really pretty. You can't blame archie for trying to run off with one...he's probably got a girlfriend he wants it for :-)
    A x

  3. Gorgeous roses and bags. Blimey Archie sounds like Ted (our puppy) in a cats body - maybe they should move in together :-)

  4. Oh wow.

    I love the colours of felt laid out like that - all shades of pinks and reds - green at the end. Oh but your brooches. Wow. Aren't they just pretty?

    And that bag is wonderful! So glad your friend liked it - it's lovely! How long did it take for you to make? It's really pretty!

    And awwww big hugs to Archie!! Bless - he appreciates pretty things hence him running of with a rose brooch!


    Ebay is silly addictive isn't it?? Esp. when the bidding starts..!! I hope you get your lovely china cups.

    Take care

  5. I just love colour arranged laid out like that - be it wool, fabric, paper or felt. It fills me with happiness.... looks like I'm not the only one.
    Why do our beloved pets steal from us? My silly dog still steals shoes and she's presently in the dock for the theft of a plant pot containing a lovely (now dead) primula!
    Archie's so cute though, you can'y be cross with him!
    Love Kathy xxx

  6. What a lovely rainbow of felt :-) Roses look good too and the bag is cool. Lol to Naughty kitty :-D

  7. I love the roses, the colours are great and I'm not surprised your friend liked her new bag it's delightful.

  8. That bag is lovely - I love those colours. I bet your friend was thrilled.

  9. The purple rose is still my favourite so far... . I've finished and felted my knitted bag - will post on it soon. If I wash it again will it felt some more?- I'd like it to.

  10. Ooo all gorgeous! I LOVE the swirly bag - lucky friend, what a pressie! And your roses are SO sweet.
    I often like the look of pieces of felt, or fibres so much I have to take pics too and Ive got hanks full of my spun yarn that I cant bring myself to use cos I like seeing them all together ... glad Im in good company in this strange behaviour :o)

  11. p.s. can just picture Archy sneaking into your stash for new toys to play with ;o) bless him

  12. Oh I love your felted items, they are gorgeous! Archie thinks so too!

  13. Love the bag, but love so much more the roses! So elegant, wonderful colours!

  14. Your rose brooches are gorgeous.
    I want the button jug from the Sarah Raven cat, it's my birthday next week, so I have it on my wish list, just hope Hubby get's the hint..x


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