Saturday, 24 April 2010

Archie's Diary no. 5

Hello again, I thought I would tell you my latest adventures.

I am, of course, growing much bigger and am very hungry all the time. I would mainly like to go out in the garden all the time and chase bees. I have a loud and very insistent meow now and I can use it really well, if I do it long enough by the back door and jump up and down to get at the handle someone usually takes me out.

I went up to the vegetable patch this week where my mum had just sown some seeds and dug them up a bit so I could wee in the earth. I love to stare at the bees and then pounce on them. My mum can't hold a camera and a harness very well while I'm pouncing but here I am staring:

I do like to suddenly charge off up the garden too in quite random directions. Usually I am following the bees, and they do keep changing where they are buzzing. The neighbours must think my mum is mad running after a kitten on a harness, especially as they don't like cats at all. I am scared of the neighbours and run inside when they come out. I have met the dogs next door on the other side too. They ran up to the hedge and barked a lot. I stood and looked at them for a few seconds and went bushy then ran back home. My mum feels she would like to keep me safe on my harness for a bit longer but my dad says I have to go out without it soon.

When I am in I have to find other things to hunt, but sometimes I make a bit of a mess.

My mum is training me to help her make felt by sitting and watching.

I can do this for a bit but then tend to creep up slowly to get closer and play with the net. I stole a finished felt pot of my mums this week and ran off with it, carried it around in my mouth and killed it.

She gave it to me in the end because she said I'd wrecked it. I also ran off with a needlecase but she managed to save that. She's not ever really cross with me though because I am a very sweet kitten and still like lots of snuggly cuddles.


  1. Oh he's lovely, Freya has done just the same, she has gone to the loo in my rocket and spinach patch...x

  2. Oh Archie! You are such a devilish kitten! We hope you NEVER outgrow your naughtiness. We didn't and our Mommy loves us just the same.
    xx Lounge Kats

  3. Oh, Archie, you are irresistible and of course you know it. We think your mum's idea of keeping you on a harness as long as possible is a good one. Here in Canada (and we expect the US too), many kitties never go out at all or only on a harness or in an enclosed area, for safety reasons.

    Do be careful of those bees! Nicki got a wasp last summer, or maybe it was the summer before, and he got stung. Ouch. We know of one kitty in Norway who would eat bees, but he would have an allergic reaction--very dangerous. We know they are tempting, but you'd be better off chasing moths and butterflies!

    Kitty kisses (i.e. nose-touches) from us and lots of smooches from our human!

  4. Hes adorable, quite a handful now I suspect and I dont think you'll have a choice with that harness..I think he'll be off. Lovely post. We are cat people.

  5. Oh Archie!!!

    You are so adorable and so helpful with your mum and her felt projects! And whenver I see her finished works of art - I know that you've had a paw in their perfection so that even makes each piece all the lovelier!

    Those bees are very busy buzzy things aren't they?? You think you have one and nope - you haven't!

    I'm very sorry about the next door people and their barking dogs!! Please please be careful when you are out and about! But it's good to show them whose boss when you go all bushy!!! Good for you!

    Have a lovely time helping your mum now! You are growing up so fast!! Me and Charlie love your toesies pics - they are very cute - as cute as your gorgeous sweet face!

    Take care

  6. Oh Archie you are a cutie!
    I remember when I had Lucy on a harness when we first moved into our house, she got spooked and went runnig full pelt down the road with me trying to keep up-the neighbours must think we are crazy!

  7. You are one busy ManCat-in-training, Archie! Don't let those bees sting you, okay?
    Pee Ess: How could your neighbors not like cats? They must be meanies!

  8. Oh Archie,
    you grew up quickly!!!
    You look wonderful!
    :) You're like Chocolate, he always wants to go out to catch the bees and butterflies these sunny days.
    Can't wait to read more from you!
    All my cats run away from neighbors too, they really hate cats, and I can't stand this! I always keep them away from them, so that they're safe!


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