Sunday, 11 April 2010

An Archie Update

Here is Archie's latest present. I have to admit here to being completely extravagant about this - but we had a very cheap one before for a long time- in fact the top half of one set and the bottom of another which didn't match - and I've wanted proper 'cat furniture' as it's called for years - something with plenty of claw-sharpening space which didn't clash too terribly with our room (I nearly got one two weeks ago but OH rejected it on the grounds that it had giant plush blue paw-prints all over it).

So here are some blurry 'action' shots to show how much Archie loves it!:

He can leap all over it and run up the posts very well.

His favourite thing is to try and catch the mouse and then take it away,

but of course as soon as he gets it down to ground level it just springs back up, and he has to start all over again.

The mouse was having a bit of an identity crisis when it came because it had a tail and some bright feathers - but now it is just a flying mouse and doesn't have this problem any more - can you see the tail on the floor at the bottom right of the photos?!

He is growing really fast and eating loads, also sleeping loads!

We took him back to the vets as he still has some inflammation following his vaccines, but she said she was sure it was nothing to worry about at this stage and had just been on a training course about exactly this sort of a reaction, so she said she would keep a really close eye on him. He didn't bite anybody this time!

He has been out for his first few trips into the garden, he doesn't mind the harness at all and quite likes playing with it as we try to put it on and take it off.

The garden is an interesting but scary place - he crouches low as he walks, until he sees a bee to chase, then he jumps and runs after it! The neighbours are very scary - one does lots of hoovering (obviously not in the garden, but the door is often open) and the other has two very loud barking dogs, so we go out at quiet times for the moment.

Climbing on my shoulder gives a good view of things:

(My head is in my hands as I'm trying to sort out a website thing!)

When he's worn himself out properly he comes and sleeps on my bags of wool while I'm felting next to him. He is getting beautifully black and shiny!


  1. Archie is adorable !!!
    (My first cat was an all black boy who talked all the time.)

  2. Archie looks terrific and that cat condo/scratcher is pawsome! :-)

    It's great he'll go out with the harness and leash; now is the time, while he's young, to get him used to it. Yay, Charlie!

    He's such a wonderful boy, such a sweetie. Smooches from the human!

  3. My cat would be green with envy if she could see Archie's cat furniture. :) I love how he likes to sit on your shoulders! Ah.... the life of a kitten, what I wouldn't do to just be able to play and sleep all day!

  4. Archie has many fun with his big toy :))

    Hugs from Kareltje =^.^=

  5. Awwwwwwwwwww Archie is adorable!!! I love his gorgeous climbing toy (and yes it goes very nicely with the decor!!:-)) and its hilarious that he likes sitting on your shoulders! LOL!!

    And he really is looking very shiny and bright and utterly lovely! I hope he recovers asap from his vaccinations - I'm sure he will as he is sparkling and cheerful and very, very handsome!

    What a sweetie! Oh and it looks like the poor mousie is doomed!


    Take care

  6. aww, pawsome!You're wonderfur mate!
    I will ask mom to buy me this toy, but she always says that I have already destro....err... that I have too many toys :) So I have to be good, if I want that she buys me it. I think I can make it :)
    Have a wonderfur week and enjoy yourself!

  7. I do love to hear about Archie's adventures ... what a lucky puss to have such a great climbing frame, he'll have loads of fun on that. He looks a bobby dazzler is in harness, so bright eyed and alert. We tried a harness on our cat "once!" ... he was like Houdini ... dislocated his shoulders and got out of it in a few seconds, left us gob-smacked! Looks like Archie's a bit more tolerant. He's growing so fast, and looks beautiful and sleek. What a lovely boy.

  8. Awwwwww what a cutey he is now. I love all the mischief he gets up to. Thanks for sharing it. We both seem to be able to cause an aw moment at the mo :-)
    Thanks for your comment. As you can imagine I'm only just getting down off cloud nine :-)
    A x

  9. He really is a beauty isn't he.

  10. Archie is such a beautiful boy, I love your updates on him.


  11. Your head in your hands...ummm...could be a paws for thought ?! Archie is so sweet

  12. He looks like one very contented cat :)

  13. Ohh Archie is just fab..x

  14. What a cute boy! We enjoy the Archie updates. That mousie would be off the elastic in about 10 seconds at our house!

    xx Lounge Kats


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