Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Christmas decorations and a very ill cat

I was more organised than ever this year with my Christmas cleaning and decorating, and was so enjoying the bright sunny days and the light sprinkling of snow that we had here.

I love putting the decorations in their tried-and-tested places - here are just a few.Yesterday just as I was nearly finished and planning to settle down to some festive cooking, Newton decided that this was the perfect time to collapse with severe breathing problems and had to be rushed to the vets, where he is spending his second night tonight. We all miss him and it's been a really worrying time.
I'm ridiculously attached to him as he is my constant companion, so affectionate and full of character, so it's hard to be cheerful, but at least he is being well looked after - we went to see him today and he is in an incubator on oxygen. So we hope he can be home soon, it's not the same without him trying to walk all over the presents under the tree. But I'm thankful of course that it's not one of the boys who is seriously ill.

I hope all of you have a very Happy Christmas and are able to have a rest at some stage!


  1. Poor you. What a worrying time. You are right to say at least it's not one of the family but let's hope puss makes a speedy recovery and you can then enjoy the festive season.
    A x

  2. Our old cat Bob lived more than half his life on Thyroid tablets and with a heart murmer. Lets hope Newton has strength to pull through. No matter what he will enjoy all the treats and fuss he will get from you I am sure.
    Thinking of you and Newton.


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