Sunday, 1 May 2011

A house is not a home without a cat.

Or two.I miss Archie terribly each day and still wake up very upset, but we decided very quickly, particularly our younger son, that cats are very much part of our life, and so I have to make some introductions in a minute.

Thank you SO much all of you who offered such support and concern, it's quite overwhelming to hear from so many people and I am very grateful. I'm still struggling and feel like I'm not in my own life, but time and friends will help.

So now to our new furry additions.
They are both rescue boys from our local RSPCA shelter - they had come from a room, just a room, with over 30 cats in, all their lives in one room, although well enough fed and looked after. These two seemed to have a bond, with the little one headbutting and curling up with the older one all the time when we visited their pen, so home they both came. They both had terrible sneezing fits for the first week or so and the little one just sat all day, but now they are absolutely fine and full of energy just as cats should be.

Monty:is the handsomest black and white cat ever, with neat white feet and beautiful white whiskers. He is very solid and tall, with a very wavy fluffed-up tail. He may be about 4 or 6, nobody seems to know. He is friendly although still a little wary.
Monty likes food, climbing, running off with the grey furry mouse-toy, chatting, chasing feathers, food, looking out of the window, food, chasing a ping-pong ball in the bath, food, and sleeping on son no. 2's up-in-the-air-bed.

Monty is in the process of re-modelling the sofa so that it has perforations.

Leo:is a very fluffy, soft black kitten, about 6 months old. He is very like Archie but has, to me, a very different face. We love black cats and yet they often get left behind in shelters. When he came home he was SO thin, you could feel all the bones in his spine and his shoulder blades stuck out, I think the older cats had been pushing him out of the way at mealtimes. Now he has a tummy like a small round, fluffy football that sways from side to side a bit as he walks. He didn't know how to play with anything when he came but now it's lovely to see him running off with the grey furry mouse and feathers. He is affectionate and has a little cuddle and a purr every day.

Leo likes food, squeaking loudly to get more food, chatting to Monty, chasing Monty's feathers and stealing the grey furry mouse, food, sitting in the sunshine, food, chasing a ping-pong ball in the bath with Monty, food, and curling up with Monty on son no.2's bed.
Leo is re-modelling the carpet on a daily basis. This is how we chose our carpet - nice and flat:

This is Leo's preferred design - nice and loopy with lots of sticky-up bits:

Sadly it is a very large and expensive carpet to replace. Every morning when I come down I take my pointy pair of scissors and try and poke the loopy bits back into the carpet backing, but that just leaves holes. Leo is definitely winning.

It is good to have furry lives in our home again, but Archie was SUCH a good cat we'd forgotten what havoc cats can cause, especially when there are two of them. And it's not the same - Archie was so special, he slept on my shoulder for a bit every night, I've never had such an affectionate cat and will never forget him. But these two are making me smile again and are good to come home to, as long as they haven't destoyed too much. We've not had two together for years, it's so nice to see them playing and hear them constantly chatting to each other, and of course they love curling up together too.


  1. I can't even begin to tell you the happiness I feel, reading this post. I'm thrilled for you and your family, and especially thrilled for Monty and Leo, who really needed a forever home! I hope Goddess Bastet blesses them (and you) with long, healthy lives, but no matter how long they live on this earth with you, they'll be loved and that's the main thing.

    Perhaps Archie had a hand--a paw--in bringing them into your life.

    Wonderful, simply wonderful!


  2. I'm all teary eyed. Bless you and bless Angel Archie for sending Monty and Leo into your lives, they are both quite handsome. No two kitties are ever the same, you will always have a special place for Sir Archie, and these two boys as well.
    Isn't it FUN to watch them blossom? Furniture and carpet be damned...heh heh.
    xx Trish

  3. Oh Monty and Leo!! Oh wow!! They're just so beautiful! Look at them!! Awwwww!!! They're so lovely and already with such endearing and adorable personalities. Oh I could just stare at their pics all night!! Aren't they just gorgeous?!!?!?

    Awwww Felted House. Angel Archie was such a special little kitty - so loving and wonderful. He and sweet Newton - will always be there with you and I know they are there with you now to help you through the dark times.

    Take care

  4. We read over at KEA's blog that Angel Archie had sent two sweet kittens to you. And oh they are. Our soft spot is for any kitty who is a tuxie, and your Monty is simply stunning handsome. Oh we are so glad you took them together. We can see that they have a special bond. Bless you and Bless them.

    >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^<
    Abby Ping Jinx Boo Gracie

  5. I am so pleased for you, you will never forget sweet Archie or Newton but there are always cats that need a loving home and I think Monty and Leo have found theirs, I hope they bring you much joy and live with you all for a long, long time.

  6. Monty and Leo are so adorable!! I love how they cuddle up together! I'm so glad you adopted TWO new kitties. They will help keep each other from getting bored. They scratch less if you keep their claws trimmed. (Your veterinarian can teach you how to do it properly.)

  7. I'm happy that you have some pretty guys ...but, oh, my....they are wrecking the place!

  8. I wondered if your house could survive without that certain presence a cat (or two) brings to it. Bit like here really. First night I have slept at home in ages, what with work and sleeping over at an old lady's house (she is too scared to sleep on her own since her husband went into hospital and then later died) I was sooooo looking forward to a night in my own bed......Marmalade had other ideas, he doesn't have switch off the purr button so all night he purred top volume, at on my head, made himself comfy on my neck, chest, then woke me up nicely at four with his bum in my face!!! Shut the bedroom door but he then spent the rest of the night 'digging' the door trying to get in!! Did you want a really friendly ginger one too??????

    Welcome to your two new family members. xx

  9. Best of luck with Leo & Monty - they look a great pair and I am sure they will bring you lots of joy!

  10. aahhh what cute little fellows, i know you will miss Archie for some time but I am sure these little chaps are a great distraction :-) x

  11. Oh how wonderful ... I'm so pleased for you. Your post brought tears to my eyes! They look like a fine handsome pair, and they're so lucky to be chosen to live with you!
    We had a cat many years ago, who remodelled our leather sofa in exactly the same way! We've had to have it re-upholstered in the end! Best of luck!!!

  12. I'm glad to hear from you again since last read your post about your beloved mum. I was away early April and missed your post of Archie. I'm so sorry to learn about the loss. I know how sad you're and my heart with you. Monty and Leo are gorgeous. They'll surely bring you happiness and alive in the house. Love to hear and see you all.

  13. I know your heart is broken but sometimes letting someone else or two in your case into your heart heals and mends.

    They seem like they need each other and you needed them.

  14. Hi, Monty and Leo, and welcome. You've got yourselfs a great furrever home. Enjoy.

  15. I was so thrilled to read this post - of course they can't replace Archie, but it's obvious they are loving being a part of your family as much as you're loving having them. I know all about re-modelled sofas, although mine haven't started on the carpet too as they prefer the curtains. I would ahve thought that at nearly 6 (where does the time go) that Dylan would have given up climbing curtains, but he hasn't. Trouble is the rods can't always cope with his weight now!
    Have you tried the sticky tape stuff on the bits of carpet and sofa they're attacking? It does put them off.

  16. This is such a happy story! Monty and Leo are two lucky black cats! I'm sure they have found a great home and will have endless fun in the wool! It's great fun having two together! Look forward to reading thier adventures!

  17. I don't know how I've missed this post. What two gorgeous new felines you have. I really hope Leo and Monty fill the huge gap left by Archie even if they will never replace him. He was such a special cat after all :-)
    Thanks for the clue about my mystery may well be right....I will keep you posted as to what eventually grows :-)
    A x


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